Lotro: All You Need to Know About Legendary Item Imbuement System Compiled


With Update 16 on the horizon and the much talked about Legendary Item Imbuement system looming, I’ve compiled some of the best information on the web currently from Betas 1 and 2 for everyone’s reference, about what it is, how it works and what to do in preparation for live. Please note that all information below is from Bullroarer public test server and is subject to change, and thank you and full credit goes to the original author of the content within the Imbuement Must Know section, Dadi of Rare Breed.

Imbuement Good To Know

1. To begin the imbuement process, head to a Forge Master. The imbuement option will immediately appear to you.

2. You can imbue as many LI’s as you like but it must be level 100

3. Once an LI has been imbued, you will not be able to deconstruct it. The only way to get rid of an imbued item is to destroy the LI from your inventory

4. All legacies within an imbued LI will have an IXP progress bar (DPS and Heal Rating included). Once the bar has been completed, the legacy will proceed to the next tier for IXP progress.

5. IXP can be earned by killing mobs, or using IXP Runes

5. Legacies on imbued items will come with 20-25 unlocked tiers to progress towards, with an additional 5-15 tiers available for unlock using 35 Mithril Coins or Scroll of Empowerment level 100.

6. The age of an LI ,the tier of legacies and amount of points spent on legacies BEFORE imbuement will determine the amount of legacy tiers unlocked upon imbuement for those legacies.

7. On the imbued item panel (shift+I), players can add an extra legacy slot and swap legacies from a pool of existing class legacies, including Stat legacies, for Mithril Coins.

Valuable information on what you need to prepare and costs can be found below.

Imbuement Must Know


Assuming that you already have a maxed out FA LI (7 Tier 6 legacies, 3 Star-lit Crystals, and Scroll of Delving) and you want to max your Imbued Item on day one you are looking at:

1) Roughly 28 Anfalas Scrolls of Empowerment OR 1,092 Mithril Coins OR a combination of the two.

2) 3 Anfalas Star-lit Crystal

3) Roughly 8,700,000 in IXP runes OR a boat load of Mithril Coins OR a combination of the two.

Ok, what about not maxing it out, but getting to be comparable to my existing FA LI (7 Tier 6 legacies, 3 Star-lit Crystals, and Scroll of Delving)?

a) 7,500,000 in IXP runes OR a boat load of Mithril Coins OR a combination of the two.


It would be advisable to do the following prior to the release of U16 ;

1) Make sure that your Legendary Weapon/Item has all the legacies on it that you want; do not wait to do this after Imbuing. Doing so after will cost you 79 Mithril Coins or a Imbued Legacy Replacement Scroll (to be introduced).

2) Be sure that you have applied a Scroll of Devling (adds 10 levels). In doing so you gain an additional Tier to the soft cap on all legacies post imbuement. Essentially this saves you 1 Anfalas Scroll of Empowerment per legacy.

3) Stockpile DA Gold and DA Silver Coins (to be used to buy Anfalas Scrolls of Empowerment).

4) Stockpile Marks and Medallions (to be used to buy Anfalas Scrolls of Empowerment).

5) Stockpile IXP Runes (loot them or level/decon Legendaries to get them).

For more in-depth overviews, previews, tips and guides on the imbuement system, watch mine and other’s videos below, and check out the following posts from sites I’ve found that has the best up-to-date details from Beta 1 and Beta 2.



1. Legendary Item Imbuement system, Lotro-Wiki

2. Imbuement and You, Rare Breed

3. The New Imbuement System – Tips from Beta, Oceanic Warriors, Landroval

Final words from Haffle: The LI Imbuement System is Turbine definitely making good on its word, ensuring that players now feel that their Legendary Weapons are..well, legendary, and that they finally grow with you (my original rant on this here). This IS NOT a change to the system which forces all players to imbue their LIs. It is entirely up to the player and their choice. So have fun and good luck preparing, for those of us that can’t wait to pimp out our LI’s. Woot.

Moors Weekend Report 12 April 2015


20k+ renown earned this past weekend, a pleasant dose of progress for my Captain, Haffleheim. While I’ve dabbled in Bullroarer checking out Update 16 and the upcoming Legendary Item Imbuement System, that only held my interest for a limited time before I resorted to old habits and gave in to some proper Freep vs. Creep action on Landroval. Here are my top 3 observations of the action from Friday to Sunday.

Renown 12 April

Welcome to the Moors! PSA: Don't go AFK in Grothum.

Welcome to the Moors! PSA: Don’t go AFK in Grothum.

1. Delving (Delving of Fror/DF) Buffs and Fights

It’s a numbers game, and on a large server like Landroval where large group fights are a constant during prime time, the tug-of-war for Delving buffs is a meta game that PvMPers enjoy, and dread. For one, the buffs themselves – the Tree, the Drake, and the Fire Demon Dude – offers the faction who delivered the killing blow notable renown buffs that lasts from an hour up till six hours. And when you know the fights are only just beginning, that amounts to a ton of renown and infamy earned by the end of the night. This weekend most of the fights I was involved in were battles in the Delving, as both sides did their best to zerg the other at the final moments, trying to get the killing blow.  I like the idea of the Delving. Like light to flies, groups actively seek each other out down there when one large group goes missing from the map for some time. I do however, personally dread diving into the Delving solo, because it’s incredibly huge and I do get lost in there all the time. I highly recommend learning it’s pathways though, because players who traverse the Delving can cross the map quicker through shortcuts via the four outposts in the Moors and the entrances of OR and DG. So if you’re a raid leader on one of the active PvMP servers and notice that you don’t have any Delving buffs, take your group in there and get them. It’s well worth it. If you’re on a smaller server, know a crazy uber epic Warden? Persuade him to do a good deed for the Freeps. Call him a legend and give him cake.

With Delving buffs active, the total amount of renown earned from solo kills can be incredibly significant

With Delving buffs active, the total amount of renown earned from solo kills can be incredibly significant

I finally had a chance to sit back and appreciate the beauty of this Loremaster skill. It's breathtaking and devastating if you're a Creep

I finally had a chance to sit back and appreciate the beauty of this Loremaster skill. It’s breathtaking and devastating if you’re a Creep

2. Wardens will never get old

The masters of the shield and spear were meant rule the Moors. Just my observation: Back on Ridder, in the top 5% of Freeps, I could think of 3 Wardens that Creeps straight up avoided, or called in the zerg for. It’s almost similar on Landy, and with good reason. When built to suck the opposition out dry with bleeds, Wardens are brutal especially from range.  Give them a relic to carry or a pocket-healer, and they are literally unstoppable. This weekend I was reunited with Aegril (Now known as Pwnography) whom reminded me so much of Adino. I had a blast running around in his group raising hell. Skoch of Landroval is also very quickly becoming a role model for me as to how I should build and trait my Warden. His bleeds damages anywhere from 2,000 to 6,000 damage a tick, and most Creeps won’t know what got them until it’s over. But that’s not all worth admiring. They are your also your buff-go-getters (see observation above) and often do them solo. Keep them on your friends list.

Running around with Pwnography and the rest of Altoholics Anonymous

Running around with Pwnography and the rest of Altoholics Anonymous

3. Arachnophobia

Whether or not you’re an un-ranked Weaver or rank 5, or rank 14, I am afraid of you. You hurt me big time. You’ve got me looking at my reflection in the mirror, asking if I have the right gear on. If I’m traited properly. If my virtues are sufficient. If I’m a good player at all..Okay enough exagerration. You lot are incredibly tough, and it looks like Weavers are the new flavor of the month Creep class currently. I’ve seen so many this weekend – some un-ranked with store bought skills that can hurt – running around. I’ve struggled in those confrontations, especially when Memphatic Kiss, Tainted Kiss and Lethal Kiss are repeatedly applied on you and there’s only so many pots you can use at any one time to get rid of them. Those ranged skills are dangerous, acid-spewing DoT’s that if left accumulate, will reduce your morale and send you to the rez circle. And yes, I’m not ashamed to admit that a rank 11 Captain was defeated by a spider 5 ranks below. I will learn your ways, and I will rise to your challenge. (In other words, if you have any advise on how to overcome Weavers, please leave a comment). The first counter-measure is to stack more tactical mitigation and raw morale. Also, the Moors ring from your Class barter vendor dude will help a ton. It removes up to 3 poison effects on you when clicked. Think Limlit Gorge kinda bauble clickey thingy. You’ll also notice in my hotbar from the screenie below that I’ve put that ring there. I’ve had enough of Weaver poison. Funnily enough, my experiences with Weavers this weekend led me to create my own, just to see if I am able to replicate the somewhat astonishing success of the lower ranked Weavers I’ve come across. I shall be PVE-ing with it on Creepside to build up Audacity before I venture out to join fights.

Wiga and Haffle take on a pair of Weavers. 2 Kills, 2 Deaths. Mind you, our ranks were way apart

Wiga and Haffle take on a pair of Weavers. 2 Kills, 2 Deaths. Mind you, our ranks were way apart

Haffle's Weaver and minion

Haffle’s Weaver and minion

Well, 100, 000 renown to go till rank 12, Third Marshal, and shiny new steed, The People’s Courser. I’m glad that the Moors was left unchanged as I took a couple of months off. Freep and Creep populations look healthy on prime time and that’s always a good sign for an aging MMO. Landy’s non-prime time hours could use more PvMPers though. That way I can log in week-nights and still make a sizable amount of renown consistently throughout the week, not having to rely solely on weekends. A fellow Landy player mentioned that Brandy is active around the clock, and I am now somewhat tempted to check out the action there. But that’s a project for another time. Right now I’ve got my eyes set on the purple prize. Till the next report, adieu.

Update 16 Beta 1 Captain Legendary Item Legacy List


Below is a list of Captain legendary item legacies in U16. The major change is the removal of legacies that affects skill /buff/tactic duration.


1. (x) represents a numerical figure.

2. List of legacies taken from in-game Imbuement System LI Panel, Beta 1.

3. Several legacies may be incorrect or incomplete at time of writing.

4. This is a work-in-progress post for personal use from Beta 1 through to Update 16 hitting the live servers.

Captain Weapon (Main Hand) Legacies

1. xx.x% Battle-Hardened Outgoing Healing Buff

2. xx.x% Melee Skills Critical Chance

3. xx% Inspire Damage

4. +xxxx Pressing Attack and Devastating Blow Critical Rating

5. % Captain Area-Effect Healing

6. % Blade of Elendil Damage

7. & Battle-Hardened Incomming ? (Incomplete information)

8. % Battle-Readied Damage Buff

9. +x.x% Battle Shout Damage

10. +x.x% Bleed Damage

11. -x.x% Cry Power Cost

12. +x.x% Cutting Attack Damage

13. +xxx Devensife Strike Armour Buff

14. +x.x% Grave Wound Damage

15. -x.x% Melee Skill Power Cost

16. +x.x% Routing Cry Damage


Captain Emblem Legacies

1. +xxx.xx Tactical Heal Rating

2. +xx.x% Light-Type Damage

3. +xx.x% Rallying Cry Healing

4. +xx% Devastating Blow And Pressing Attack Damage

5. +xx.x% Melee Skills Healing

6. +xx% Sure Strike Damage

7. -xx% Words of Courage Power/Morale Cost

8. +xx% Healing Critical Magniture

9. +x.xxx Bleed Skills Critical Rating

10. +x.x% Last Stand Heal

11. +2% Noble Mark Damage

12. +x.x% Shadows Lament Damage

13. +x.x% Shield of the Dunedain Cooldown

14. +x.x Time of Need Buff Duration

15. +x.x% Valiant Strike More Return

16. +x.x% Vocal Skills Healing

17. +x.x% Words of Courage Healing

Aragorn Reacts to Pelennor Fields Poll


Lately I’ve been catching up on all things Lotro, and stumbled upon this poll over at Lotro Players. Late to the party, I know – but this just blows my mind.

The Poll

The Poll

Depending on the camp you’re in, this could either be an extremely alarming or super exciting prospect.

Aragorn reacts

Aragorn reacts

While I urge you to not take the poll seriously (note to self as well) and see it for what it is: a poll, it would be personally depressing should Turbine announce in future that the climax battle at the Pelennor Fields is indeed going to be an epic battle/big battle. How anti-climatic that would be.

Instances and landscape world events trail behind closely, and the latter two holds more water when one imagines, from a player’s point of view, of how the battle should unfold. The fights should be proactive and not reactive. Besides, we have all these great classes that players have honed their skills with for many years, enduring 100 levels to gear. It would be such a waste to not contribute in the fight, and be given mundane tasks like clicking commanders, chopping hooks and cranking catapults. I want this fight to mean something. We’ve invested so much into getting to that moment. Aesthetically, the battle needs to be fun and engaging, bringing out the best in you, individually or as a group. I don’t want to strategize with my fellowship about where the best spot is to place this barricade, I want to discuss what’s the best way/skill rotation/etc to kill that cluster of Orcs. I can go on and on. Back to the poll.

The comments below the poll offers some really good suggestions, and are worth the read.

Through recent forum posts of a former Turbine QA employee, I know they don’t have the time or resources to pull this off, but here’s my dream depiction of the battle.

Multiple choice/path route

Prior to the battle at Pelennor Fields, the epic quest (several books before the battle) offers players two choices to branch out. Think Bonevales vs. Trum Dreng in the RoI expansion.

Choice 1 takes you to Minas Tirith, and you aid the city in its preparation for the siege, ultimately leading to the climatic instance/landscape battle finale.

Choice 2 allows you to follow the ride of the Rohirrim, all the way to the Fields, ultimately leading to the instance/landscape battle finale.

This gives the epics huge re playability especially with alts. Either way, once you’ve completed the instance/landscape the first time, they are unlocked and can be repeated. They can be done Solo, Duo, Trio, 6 man or raid. Difficulty scales with group size. Haven’t given much thought as to how the instance/landscape mechanics and boss fights will work, thought of this on the drive back home earlier.

Anyway, I know this will never be a possibility, and I voted for instances. Baby steps, one update at a time. I’m eager to see how Osigiliath turns out.

Lotro: Producer’s Letter 2015 Thoughts

lotro opinion

It’s been a great 2015 so far. I’m on the final weekend of my three week January vacation leave, and I’ve used that time wisely on Lotro, edging closer to Rank 12 with only 110, 000 renown to go. I also managed to squeeze in some quality vacation time with some buddies – we explored the Philippine island of Boracay, home to beautiful beaches, exquisite scenery and unlimited ale – it was a much needed getaway from work and game. I made a video of the trip and you can watch that here if anyone is interested in seeing Boracay.

Now, on to exciting Lotro news. The 2015 Producer’s Letter was released during my trip and I had to connect to my hotel’s wifi to soak in the excitement. It’s great news indeed!

Producer's Letter 2015

From the screenshot above, there are six areas that Lotro’s executive producer Athena Peters highlighted as major initiatives for the year. PvMP and New Fellowship Challenges had me punching Boracay air in joy (though I should not have my hopes up that high from experience). Let’s take a look at each of these initiatives.

Legendary Items

The imbuement system was talked about awhile back, but its still good to reiterate why I think it’s a welcome change. Simply put, I think we can expect less hassle with Legendary Weapons and Class Items with the Osgiliath update. No more deconstructing your main weapons, no more cluttering your vault with legacies you wish to keep for your next weapon, which really, spells out an effort to reduce the grind with the LI system. I think it’s great that finally, your legendary weapon grows with you. However, don’t be too surprised if this imbument item ends up in the store. We’ll maybe get one free through the Epics, and then if you want more, you buy more kinda jig. It’s unfortunate, but they need to make that money, and I’ll be honest and say that this is something that I would pay for. Let’s wait for that developer diary of this system for more details.

New Fellowship Challenges

Yes! Yesss! Enough of your Big/Epic Battle rubbish. By all means do renew your focus on group content and instances! 2014 was a boring year for group PVE. I don’t care that other players are decked out in the best gear because their tolerance virtue for running your mundane Big/Epic battles are at 19. That’s not how I want to get the best gear, and I daresay I am not alone in this. Give us alternatives! Gives us 3mans! 6mans! Raids! I want to enter a dungeon feeling like a noob again. I want the boss to laugh at us when we wipe, and then roll on loot old school style when we bury him six feet under! Yes!

Quality of Life

Nothing earth moving, but its good to know that the team are on the issues*

*And in some cases, have been on these for years.

Episodic Content

What is this precious? This has me curious. So, I suppose it’s like seasonal content? Like festivals, that come and go once a year? What happens if I don’t finish the quest line in one of these episodic contents? Will it be gone forever? Is it like that Living Content thing in Guild Wars 2? Questions, questions that only time can answer. Looking forward to this developer diary too.

Server Population

*Crickets. Get it? Haha lame I know, but hey a toast to the crickets in some of the emptier servers. No idea what they have in mind, could be a mega-server, could be an inter-server group finder tool (/world pugs will still beat this tool flat) or it could just be words. We do need something though, especially for the lower pop servers. I know what its like, and I transferred. Here’s to hoping for something good. As for moving the EU servers back to EU, not sure if that is a good or bad thing, but hey, a toast to you peeps in that side of the world too.






You gave us your word Turbine. Good to hear directly from you, that you are working on something PvMP related. I remember the new map discussion when it started long ago, and then it was dropped without further mention again for many a year. This is the year we’re heading to Osgiliath, so its a no brainer that the Osigiliath PvMP map is brought up. Very excited about this but again, cautious, as Turbine and PvMP are two words that don’t work well together. I’ll still be optimistic and hope this materializes. Fellow Freeps! Creeps! Rejoice and continue slaying each other in the 7 Year old Ettenmoors!

Have a good 2015 everybody. =)