SWTOR: Earning My Lightsabers, Speeder & Companion

I’m long overdue for part two of my saga, and that’s down to how much time I’ve spent in-game. I have a huge secret I cannot wait to reveal. Maybe I can..but no, I’ll keep things in chronological order. So let’s get to it!

Haffle’s Sith Saga Part 2

It’s official. I’ve ousted my rivals and I am the top dog at the Sith Academy. The fools, they think they could defeat me with wooden training sticks! After proving myself to my would-be master, he’s tasked me with retrieving an ancient lightsaber that would be mine to use, on whatever I decide needs to be slashed. Yes! I’ve waited a long time for this moment!

I should mention that I am a Sith Warrior, who specialized in the Marauder (Fury) advanced class. This allows me to dual wield a couple of light sabers, dishing out some solid AOE damage, just how I like it.(Reminiscent of Lotro’s Champion class in the Yellow Deadly Storm).


I cannot claim all the credit however, and some must go to the Twi’lek, Vette. Vette happens to be my first companion in SWTOR, and I like her already. She’s incredibly chirpy, and although I put up this mean machine facade, I sort of like the companion company. I enjoy the companion interactions, which comes with its own cutscenes and dialogue options.

Meet my companion, Vette!

Meet my companion, Vette!

The companion system in this game is interesting. They’ll fight alongside you on your journeys, and you can set them to do one of three roles: heal, tank or DPS. Whatever you chose, they do their duties pretty well I must say. Being a DPS, I set Vette to heals and she has never let me get below 50%, ever. I could in fact, solo some of the Heroic 2-player missions in Korriban with Vette healing.

Companions will do your crafting later on as well, as you send them away on material gathering missions (you could harvest whatever you see out on the landscape too) and they will perform the crafting actions too at your bidding. Their success and effectiveness at both PVE landscape roles and crafting however, comes down to your influence with them.


Influence determines how well your companions perform (Presence), and how likely they will crit while crafting. There are a few ways to increase this, such as consumable companion gifts that drop from mobs or bought from vendors, and through dialogue. The latter is tricky and requires you to know what your companions likes and dislikes. For example, in one cut-scene I had a choice to save or kill some some slaves. Knowing Vette’s background and her personality, I spared them, which resulted in influence gain. (Vette Approves). Finally, you do get to customize the look of your companions, from skin to outfits, which is nice.

And finally, speeders! As a subscriber, I get to learn my mount skill considerably earlier at level 10, compared to Preferred or F2P players, which I believe is somewhere in the upper 20’s. That sucks, but to be fair, you won’t need one in the starting Sith planet of Korriban. For first impressions, I cannot believe how smooth the mount system in SWTOR is. No clunky riding around, no fps drops. Just a smooth riding experience. And choices, there are just so many types of mounts in this game.

Screenshot_2015-12-27_18_20_38_906164 Screenshot_2015-12-27_18_20_47_088801 Screenshot_2015-12-27_18_21_05_188721 Screenshot_2015-12-27_18_21_10_993135

At the end of this writing I am officially done with the Prologue at level 12 (I’ll be 65 when this gets published). The acolyte has become the apprentice, and together with my master we now head off world to the Imperial Fleet before our next stop: Dromund Kaas, the capital planet of the Empire. Intriguing story line, I’m looking forward to what awaits. #Bioware

Hello from the Imperial Fleet, where players congregate to bank and trade, among other things.

Hello from the Imperial Fleet, where players congregate to bank and trade, among other things.

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