David Gaider leaves Bioware & Other Updates

After 17 years at Bioware, David Gaider has finally left the company after announcing he would last year. David is responsible for many beloved Bioware characters such as Alistair, Morrigan Cassandra and Dorian from the Dragon Age universe. He is also the brains behind SWTOR’s most marketed droid, the HK-47.

I have yet to meet this much talked about droid in SWTOR, but would like to thank David for his work on Dragon Age, which has given us gamers hours of unmitigated playing pleasure. Whatever future project he embarks on will be one to watch out for.

And for other updates:

  1. I’ve been back to work for the last week and half and already wondering what is the meaning of life. Getting back into a gaming routine has been pretty challenging.
  2. Not gaming related but worth a share anyway: I’ve been cigarette free for 6 days now. I’ve been trying to quit for almost a year and went on a smoke free period previously that didn’t last. This time around feels pretty legit, no morning craves with the coffee, no anxiety pulls, nothing. I can feel my health bar replenishing (and my wallet no longer calling for heals).

Long weekend here in Malaysia, so have a good one wherever you are folks.


2 responses to “David Gaider leaves Bioware & Other Updates

  1. Aw, pity to see him go but I guess after so many years a change of scenery can be good. Also gz for your efforts to go smoke-free!

  2. He was a champion and spokesperson for LGBT representation in RPGs, and romance in RPGs. He will be missed, but hopefully his legacy will live on. Bravo for quitting smoking!

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