Haffle Hunts – My Stealthy Return to Lotro PvMP

The PvMP scene on Landroval has changed drastically. To quote a friend, such is the way of Lotro’s PVP – when the action decreases on a server, the hardcore PVPers and their kins move to a more active server where fights are large and constant.

This is the fate of my kin of Landy, Riddles in the Dark, and many other PVP kins like it. Most of the Freeps have moved on to Arkenstone where the PvP grass is apparently greener. It’s not all that bad, as new Freep imports have arrived in the Moors, a majority of which are high-ranked and seem to love the group heal-stack play style.

I’ve been watching the new blood go about their business, steam-rolling what’s left of Landy’s Creep population with ease, but not from the comfort of my R12 Captain. I’ve been taking part in the fight as Creep on my R5 Warg.


Having previously said I’d never play as a Creep, I guess I’ll have to eat my words. Being a VIP is just something that I can’t do anymore, so to cure my PVMP cravings, playing a Creep is the only way for me to get back in. Surprisingly, it’s been fun playing as my Warg with a couple of friends, and it used to be the one Creep class I hated the most as Freep. The Wargs I’ve played against in the past always had their way with my Captain, and I’ve always felt vulnerable if there’s a Warg pack out.

Maybe I have come full circle, being part of a pack now. I may only be a red ranked 5 stalker but I’d like to think I’ve gotten under some of these new Freep’s skins. I’ve got a good array of store skills and stuff that I’ve learned to take advantage of, and before you say anything, I’ve been a VIP for five years and I had to sink that huge pile of Turbine Points into something. My Warg is an investment I don’t regret. Thus begins the first season of Haffle Hunts, which you can watch below.

On a final note regarding Landroval and PvMP in general, the balance issues are still glaringly obvious and from a Creep’s perspective, the Essence system has only made things crazier. Just last night I saw a Captain running around with 100k morale plus a shield. WHY? I’m never one to openly blast another person for how they play but to gear your Captain like that for the Moors doesn’t serve anyone any good, except maybe to prolong your lifespan by a couple of minutes until a zerg whittles your health down to zero after waiting for Last Stand to expire. Now pair that with a bunch of healing Minstrels and Bears and we have ourselves the predicament we’re currently in, which could have been avoided if Lotro had decided to only allow Audacity gear for the Moors.

So here’s to hoping my Warg’s rank increases swiftly as the kill count, and if I’ve ever played with you on Freepside and have now bitten you, I am sorry. Catch me on Landroval’s Creepside (Arkenstone in future maybe?) by adding Hafflebites.


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