SWTOR: Warzone PVP Debut & Impressions

I checked out SWTOR’s Warzone PVP for the first time around level 17. Barely scratched the surface, but my thoughts in video¬†below.

I don’t recall the name of the Warzone map but I had fun. I liked how small and intimate the map was, which allowed for some fast-paced action. As mentioned in the video, I was conscious that I was the lowest level player in my group and wondered if I would be contributing at all. It turned out okay, still dealing damage and that’s down to some pretty cool balancing on SWTOR’s part.

What helps I believe is the global cooldown on skills on your quickbars. This makes picking the right skill at the right time for the right situation against the right opponent crucial, and that makes for some exhilarating fun.

There are many other SWTOR PVP maps I want to take a look at, especially Huttball. Will definitely come back to PVP at some point endgame.


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