Lotro: New Data Center Expectations

Lotro’s new data center is going live sometime today, and all worlds are currently down as the maintenance scheduled is on-going. Announcement about the new data center going live today can be found here.

This data center is finally going live and that’s good news for everyone. I have no knowledge about the IT wizardry that goes behind these things, but I’m hoping that most of the benefits that comes with new technology will improve the game in many aspects for 2016. My expectations post live are:

  • Increased server stability especially on high population servers to handle the loads. I’m thinking Brandywine and Landroval specifically, especially in the Moors to smooth out raid on raid action. Can it weather the Weatherstock storm this year? We’ll see.
  • Increased FPS (frame rate per second) across the board in newer regions such as Rohan (new, haha) and Gondor. Riding a warsteed anywhere in these regions have been a problem, even on a good connection and beastly rigs. I’m hoping the FPS gets a boost so everyone can finally enjoy the regions as should be.
  • Faster load times maybe? I know this could be a local/client side or net connection thing but I’m hoping here. Improvements were implemented in the past such as pre-cache loading that was supposed to help with this, so again, we’ll see.
  • For everyone else except me the Malaysian, a stable ping and connectivity. Europe should be happy that there will be a data center in the Netherlands. This will be incredibly helpful with player’s ping, allowing for a faster/smoother skill-to-execution times that will bring balance to the force..I mean Moors. And raids, and other things you do in groups. It’s okay, Asian players. I’m with you.

And that about sums up what I’m looking forward to when it goes live in about an hour. If these things are truly addressed, then great – a good way to start the new year.

The bigger picture here is that rolling out a new data center for a 7-year old game could spell positive times ahead for the game. It’s expensive to roll out, and I take it as a statement of intent from the suits that Lotro still has some fuel in the tank post 2017. We’ve already seen the roadmap for 2016, which includes a new level cap and instance cluster among other things, and now I suppose we’ll have to wait and see how successful those are when they roll it in.

Till then, bring it on, data center. No need for cutting cake or ribbons. Let’s cut some Orc.

lotroclient 2013-09-17 21-37-11-784975Pop

4 responses to “Lotro: New Data Center Expectations

  1. I didn’t notice any improvement today while doing the yule festival runs (still no hobby horse!) but for the second day running I noticed horrible stuttering on windfola …frosty place is dead so Tsuhelm is alone but graphical glitches and 3 steps freeze, 3 steps freeze make it a real chore, will have to transfer him to one of the servers sooner rather than later, probably stick him on Landy or Brandy!

  2. BAD move from Turbine. The servermerge is the beginning of the end I fear 😦 People are walking away from the game now, and 5 days of shit doesn’t help either. I talked to a few other players, and some are thinking about looking for other games….

    WHO in their right mind merges 29! servers into 10, and AFTER! that update the servers?? It’s all down to money (which started with introducing f2p) they thought people were gonna buy lots of ingame stuff and maps… instead, just more people and dated servers…

    Ah well…. maybe it’s just me thinking that (not).

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