Lotro, Swtor, XCOM 2 and Game Reviews Malaysia

It’s been an incredible start to my gaming 2016 so far, juggling a string of MMO’s with new game releases on top of real life. I’m finding it real hard to condense everything in a single post. Please bear with me.

On Lotro

I’ve been a silent observer, mostly keeping tabs on the game through the community on Twitter and the forums. My enthusiasm whittled down quick after the initial excitement of 2016’s plan announcement back in December. I find it interesting that U18 is on Bullroarer, bringing with it the level cap increase that will take players to 105. I’m not entirely convinced that this level cap increase is necessary, but if it’s this far out into beta, it seems like it’s set in stone.  As for the instances that’s coming up, I’m somewhat curious but no longer enthused enough to care, frankly. I hope this burn-out phase for Lotro passes quick, as part of me wants to get back into the thick of Middle Earth, especially to finish up the Minas Tirith quests on my Captain and move along with the story – now that’s something I know I want to come back for.


In Space, No One Can Hear You Ding 65

In Space, No One Can Hear You Ding 65

I feel quite guilty about SWTOR. I was so absorbed with this MMO since watching The Force Awakens, all through the end of January when I stopped cold turkey. So what happened? My main Sith, Haffleheim obviously hit the level cap, finished his class story missions, did some PVP, and then magically moved on. I can’t explain it, but it’s as if my brain said “Okay, I’m done here!”. I did enjoy every second of SWTOR. The class story was brilliant and PVP is the most balanced compared to anything I’ve done in Lotro or The Secret World. Even its dungeons were a fun romp, and I loved how I could drag my friends in them with me regardless of level or gear. Someday I’ll come back to it. Someday.



Obligatory XCOM Squad Selection Picture

XCOM 2 has been out for a month or so and already it’s my contender for game of the year. I absolutely love this franchise and it is such a wonderful sequel to Enemy Unknown. Part of why I was able to give up SWTOR seamlessly was due to XCOM 2’s release, which had me spending most of my February away.

Which leads to Game Reviews Malaysia

Game Reviews Malaysia is a full time project of mine that I intent to grow this calendar year as an established authority on video game reviews from a local perspective.  This really stemmed from an opportunity to fill a gap – Not a lot of people are doing this over here so why not me? As a beta test of what I could put out, the first thing I reviewed was XCOM 2, and that review is right below.

So what do you think? There are so many games I’d love to review down the line including Lotro, and if you might be interested in seeing that and whatever else I put out on GRM, hey, do subscribe to the GRM Youtube channel here. It’s another way to keep up with me outside of Twitter or this blog (and it’s another thing for me to juggle. I love juggling apparently).

That’s all the updates I have for now, but I’ll be in touch. Have a great gaming week everyone!


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