The Malaysian LOTRO Gamer was a blog dedicated to the adventures, tales, news and other happenings in the Lord of the Rings Online.  Welcome to Level Up Haffle, where I now still blog about my Lotro adventures, as well as the many other games that I play.


You can contact me directly by email at : adriangradinkotan@gmail.com

Follow me on Twitter @Haffleheim.

Watch me on Youtube: Level Up Haffle

Page on Facebook: Level Up Haffle

Currently playing: LOTRO, Ark: Survival Evolved, The Secret World and SWTOR.

8 responses to “About

    • Hello, Ela! Well it’s okay. If you feel like rolling up an alt and checking out our Kinship, by all means please do, you are welcomed =) More Malaysians, the better!

  1. Hey Haffle, had no idea this was your blog until the revamp! Love hearing the podcasts! Come meet me on Landy when you guys get done with Ridder (I know I’m sad too) — Eostain

    • Eostain! Wow I had no idea that Hikers was you! Well met friend! It’s been a long time. Thanks for the kind words and yes, will definitely catch you on Landroval!

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