You’ve Done It Now, Star Wars

For context, I am not a hardcore Star Wars fan. I’ve seen the movies, and that’s about it. Star Wars is a huge deal here in Malaysia, and I dare say it’s more popular than LOTR over here. We know which way I swung, heh.

Anyway, I gave in to the hype and watched the new movie last weekend (watched the previous six the Friday and Saturday┬ábefore), which stirred something within me. I’ve now got this urge to bury myself in the universe to dig deeper into the lore, the characters and the canon story. Especially with Star Wars games, and goodness knows there is so many out there.

And because of my tendencies to gravitate towards MMORPGs, SWTOR seems like the most likeliest place for me to start. I have been there before when it first went free to play, and I didn’t last long. I think I stopped in the starter planet, barely reaching level 10. Reading about all the F2P restrictions at the time did put me off I must say, having been spoiled by all the other MMOs I play that does F2P right.


I am seriously thinking about giving SWTOR another shot. Is it worth the sub and the long term investment of capping a character through whatever expansions that are out? What’s end game like? Good PVP? I know these could be researched but I trust and value the opinion of my network of fellow gamers. And many of you have been around that block and know this universe better than I do!

And for someone who just wants more of the story, is SWTOR even a good place to start, or are there better games out there that can cure an itch for saber battles and space combat mixed with a good story? Only asking cause the Steam winter sale is on, and coincidentally, the Star Wars bundle is pretty cheap..


Anyways, I’ll still dive in to look around since it’s F2P and will see how that goes. I’m on Harbinger. As Haffleheim. A Sith with a take-no-prisoners attitude. No idea what classes there are but will pick the closest to Lotro’s Captain. As I wrap this post up, I’m literally minutes away from watching The Force Awakens for a third time, this time with my Lotro pal Kevarandr. Kin movie nights are fun.

Till the next post, Merry Christmas everyone!


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