Throwback Thursday: The Sims 3

In another life, my perfect adolescent life, things would have panned out like this.

Five of my best friends and I would scrounge up some money to move out of our homes post high school, and move in together somewhere far away to begin our college years.


The usual BVM and BLB suspects


We’d all enroll in the same one, and get a bachelor pad on campus. We’ll get the freedom to fraternize and indulge in all sorts of shenanigans and buggery.


Of course, we’d keep our eyes on the prize, bouncing off each other in our studies to graduate en-route to achieving our dreams. I’m thinking lot’s of crazy late nights in the library and maybe even a good brainstorm in the living room.

Screenshot-50(1) Screenshot-9

We’d attend our classes and lectures somewhat on time, and maybe fall asleep in the draggy ones. And on weekends we’d pursue romantic interests and maybe even put on some dancing shoes for the dance party hosted at the corner club with some students spinning the night’s playlist.


During downtime, we’d kick up the band and maybe get somewhere this time. We’ll have a room-cum-music studio where we’ll jam our songs and practice for the big show. We could become semi-rockstars, earning some side income by playing in cafes around town.


Interlude: When virtual life meets real life


And it is there that I’ll lace up my boots and begin my journey in a career with the written word to become a best-selling author.


You know, that sounds like the good life, and I’ve lived through it thanks to The Sims 3. This game was my escapism vessel to that alternate life during my very on university years. Oh how I wished it came true. Thanks Sims 3. I still have the save file for when I’m feeling nostalgic (who cares about growing up? I want to be juvenile forever).

The Sims 3 is the best of the series in my book, made even more enjoyable with the thriving modding community back then. I do own The Sims 4, but it’s just not the same. I could restart that life on The Sims 4, but I’m holding back because all the DLC’s are expensive, and the modding community isn’t as big as it used to be. We’ll see.


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