Moors Update – Mission Accomplished


Hail friends!

Just a quick update here. I’ve done it!

Since first stepping out into the Moors, I’ve always said it to anybody who would listen, that the Freep Rank 11 title of Commander is one of the coolest titles to have and wear in game. I’ve always wanted it but doubted early on that I would ever attain it.

And now..


Thank you to everyone who has made this possible – Freeps, Creeps, the Gods of Sleep and Coffee, My Asus G53 laptop for enduring the abuse, Moors Autoflip Dev and finally my good Lotro friends in the Coop.

Major relief. So what now? More of the same until Rank 12? Perhaps. But I want to take a brief step away from PvMP to catch up on other things such as raiding. I desperately need star-lit crystals and gold. I’d also use the time to level up another PvMP prospect alt. One that can vanish. Heh. Diablo III is also on my gaming list now, I’m finding it super fun (Bought Reaper of Souls and am loving the new Crusader class as it plays just like my Captain somewhat), and finally, back to The Secret World which just released exciting new investigation mission packs.

To wrap this up, there will not be any PvMP weekend updates for the foreseeable future with U13 on the horizon. I will however still be taking my Captain out there on alternate weekends to do what Commanders usually do, leading Moors raids and keeping in touch with the new Freep community that we are trying to build on the Riddermark. Definitely no more spending 14 hours out there hunting renown. I want to keep this title forever.

Final note: Rank 11 video is in the works, you’ll enjoy it.

Enjoy the rest of the week!

Moors Weekend Report 23 March 2014


I am getting really close! 65k renown to go. I sound like a pie loving hobbit junkie. Not apologizing.

This past weekend, it was all peaceful and quiet in Ridder’s Ettenmoors for the first ten minutes after logging in. However, the action picked up really quickly when news broke out that members of an infamous Tribe had returned for the weekend. The rumors were true, the Freeps mustered to meet them, and it was a glorious weekend of fighting. Let’s jump right into the highlights.

Dancing With Wargs

Have you ever had to hit retreat after being defeated, ride out alone from the rez circle back to the battle, and get the feeling that you’re being stalked? You release the W key. You wait. Nothing happens. You relax, hit the auto run key and reach for the soda. And then they pounce.

Wargs man, they’re everywhere! Riddermark’s Warg population has gone up considerably since the last expansion. They bite, they stun, they silence, they drop yellow goo on the ground..Wargs have been a thorn in my side this weekend. They have really pushed me to play at my ultimate best, not to mention forcing me to spend a whole lot of commendations to buy the PvMP fear and stun pots. The normal ones don’t work for me. There were two particular moments regarding Wargs that comes clearly to mind this weekend. Firstly, when our raid engaged the above mentioned Tribe, a good friend of mine was on his Warg. He pointed out that I was the only Captain doing the healing/bubbles, so all Wargs should focus their jaws on me. That worked well for them as all the kiting in the world couldn’t save me from getting hauled back to the rez circle.

Secondly, later on in the day, we got to exact our revenge on the Wargs. Two jumped me while I was trying to revive our Minstrel, and they really liked the way I tasted, completely ignoring the Loremaster standing nearby, Commander Raven. I would explain in detail what happened next, but I think the picture below should take care of that. Simply beautiful. I think I just dropped down a few places on the Warg food chain.


I smell something burning. How about you?

Rising KB Tally

Not sure if it’s down to pure luck, timing or greed. I’m just going to reiterate the value of Captain bleeds just like I’ve done in the previous two Moors Reports.


I’m a Cappy playing like Champ that still does Cappy things.

Fun Factor

It’s all about fun in the end. This weekend was filled with frustrating moments, “holy crap!” moments, virtual high fives, trash talking and adrenaline rushes – a combination of emotions that ultimately makes the Moors fun for me and that’s why I keep coming back. It’s a unique competitive experience that I will enjoy for a long time to come.

An unlikely fellowship

An unlikely fellowship

Spending time with a special Reaver and got caught red handed.

Spending time with a special Reaver and got caught red handed.

Obsession With Bling

Hey, Isildur was a junkie, so was Gollum, and even Frodo. Us Freeps are no exceptions. The relics..our precious. Having the relics not only gives us bragging rights and bonuses, but initiating a ‘relic-heist’ usually starts great fights in DG, across the map and in OR. If you ever wanted to know where the Creeps are, take a relic. They’ll show up alright!

Of relic-carrying Captains and flying Wargs. I see a theme developing here.

Of relic-carrying Captains and flying Wargs. I see a theme developing here.

In conclusion, it’s been a fantastic weekend out in the Moors. I hope the amount of action the server has been getting during weekends never cease. Special mention to the Wargs of Riddermark – You pups offered a howltastic challenge this weekend. May we clash again. Just remember that I have Loremasters extraordinaire Wiga and Calenion on speed-dial, and recently added to that list, is Commander Raven (GIF Celebrity above).


Moors Weekend Report 16 March 2014



Another weekend came and went in a flash. This past weekend was eventful yet again on the Riddermark. More open field raid sized battles, tugs of war for Keeps and being hunted by warg packs. Just how I like it in the Moors. Kudos to all Creeps and Freeps that came out.

I’ve manage to best my killing blow record the previous weekend with 33 this weekend. My Captain, Haffleheim, and killing blows are like distant cousins. Before HD, I’ve always traited Hands of Healing or Lead the Charge depending on the group make up. My job was simple, survey the battle and either make it go from bad to good or good to better. Killing creeps wasn’t my priority – There were plenty of Coopers(Moors gang) that took care of that well. As long as my group’s healthy while the renown piled in, I’m happy. That’s my play style.


Plenty of Creeps in those numbers fell to my bleeds. More please, come closer!

Things have changed after HD with the new trait trees and all. Initially forced to trait Leader of Men just to stay alive, I am now starting to enjoy the yellow line much more. It still offers utility. I still heal adequately, throw bubbles around, soak up damage and dish out DPS, in the form of bleeds. Thus I cannot stress this enough. Bleeds will get Cappies plenty of killing blows these days. I make sure that every 20 seconds when Improved Cutting Attack and Grave Wound is up, I apply them back again onto the target. Warleaders, Defilers and Wargs go down really quick when you or your group repetitiously stack bleeds on top of everything else. Make it a habit, and the kills will come.


Late Sunday evening: The last line of defense. Everyone got a kick out of my pet archer’s name.

Heals vs Heals

It’s not exactly a new trend in the Moors. It’s just being abused so much right now. This weekend was an example of that, with both sides calling in more healers to the fight each time they wipe. As an exclusive Freeper, I can only speak for my side and the raid that I serve. One occasion that came to mind was an open area fight on Lugazag hill. Each time the Creeps wiped, they came back with another healer. This happened at least four times. As the only class in my raid that could throw heals (Jack, you don’t count. Warden Conviction did help but..) I struggled immensely and we weren’t killing anything. So what’s the solution to a fight like that? Yup you guessed it, call in the healing cavalry. I hope Turbine announces a new creep class called the Goblin Sapper, an arson/trap/melee or ranged class that debuffs. And make it free. That way, we might have less Defilers and War Leaders running around eh? =P

Moving Forward

Only a 100,000 or so renown until I hit rank 11. I can say that I am already compiling video footage in the form of “kill cams” and other goodies for my rank 11 movie.


Returning to Landroval Weekly


Landroval will always be my definition of the community’s server. Home of the legendary podcast A Casual Stroll to Mordor, the kinship full of musical maestros The Lonely Mountain Band and the host server of the epic Weatherstock and other community events – There’s a tinge or romanticism when a player like myself from a foreign server decides to embark on a brand new journey on Landroval just to experience a bit of everything mentioned above.

I have of course, already made toons on Landroval to participate in Fellowship Walks as well as for other projects, but mid year 2013 my real life friends (band-mates) and I decided to take it up a notch. Temporarily taking a hiatus from our home server Riddermark, we would go on to create brand new toons consisting of classes we’ve never played, start a kinship and embark on a weekly basis journey all the way to Mordor, in similar fashion to the Dums and their weekly Dum Time.

We were about two months in before real life decided to hold up a huge Stop sign, and the adventures ceased indefinitely. This is nothing new for us of course, we’ve seen it happen before back in 2012, when we started a similar initiative on Riddermark after watching The Hobbit. Four Dwarves from the Lonely Mountain, classes we’ve never played, Dum style modus operandi, etc. Tragic. Those Dwarves were never seen again.


The Dwarven brothers Thiki, Belki, Pewki & Gunki. Their weekly adventures were fun but sadly, ended too soon.

As for our Landroval ladies (yes, we went for female toons.), we never logged back into them until last week. The three of us took a while to get accustomed to the new class changes and trait trees and we were shocked that our kinship we started for this project, the Bree Beauty Salon Company, had reached rank 9. Has it really been that long?


The Bree Beauty Salon Company arriving at High King’s Crossing, Evendim

After a quick skirmish to get the ladies back on their feet, we organized our quest logs and picked up the trail again from where we last left off: Evendim. Ahh good old Evendim. I think we spent more time bumming around for screenshots rather than actual questing.


Best screenshot of us three so far.

Ultimately, I’m just glad the we are finally settling down (fresh grads, new jobs) into a manageable real life routine that allows us to continue this adventure on Landroval once a week. Let’s see how long we keep this up for. 95? Perhaps not. By my own admission, when the New Class comes out, everything will be on hold as I will definitely roll it and rock it. And perhaps, I’ll get these friends of mine to roll the new class as well for another adventure somewhere..somehow.

So to my honeys Ildarien and Gleamwen, if you’re reading this, thanks for rekindling your LOTRO passion and for rejoining this particular quest. See you guys this weekend.

Moors Weekend Report


Hello everyone, hope you’ve had a good week in game. I’ve been back in the Moors lately and thought I’d share some of the things that happened last weekend and this. I seem to be playing exclusively in the Ettenmoors every time I log in – the rumor that I sleep in the Moors is true. I am an addict!

Last weekend was pretty fun, there was a decent amount of creeps and freeps with plenty of fights at the usual places. The notion about Riddermark’s pvmp dying is completely false. There are plenty of fresh blood out recently that has made the Moors interesting, while some of the old veterans still do log on from time to time to contribute to the action. So what did I do? I’ve been working hard at getting all my 95 Moors gear for the Audacity, and managed to get 4 pieces last weekend. I tried some one versus ones at GTA(Good Tol Ascarnen map for creeps) which didn’t go down too well. As a Cappy in the red or blue line I seem to melt pretty darn fast to Reavers. To cap off the week, a couple of friends and I stole the relic right under creep noses.

Ninja-ed the relic!

Ninja-ed the relic!

This weekend, I logged in early on Saturday morning expecting large fights with my Moors gang but alas, it was a dry day. I was relegated to doing dailies for the renown and commendations. Sunday however was a completely different story. I spent 14 solid hours out there and the fights were amazing. The highlight of the day was fighting back to back with a fellow Riddermark pvmp veteran Warden, Jack, and the both of us held off a full craid for a good 20 minutes, taking plenty out before our own demise. Intense fun. Now I know many will point out the fact that a Warden and a yellow line Cappy is “OP”, unkillable, unbalanced, etc. But had the tables been turned on us, a creep group consisting of a good Defiler and Warleader/Reaver combination could probably do the same. And to be fair the craid did have a number of red ranks. Anyway, I’m not going to talk about balance in the Moors. Yes there are issues, but we deal.

Sunday also saw me hit my personal best renown and killing blow tally in the Moors, with a final total of 19,156 renown and 32 killing blows. Cappy bleeds, don’t underestimate it!

Not sure if I can top this in the future. Great day in the Moors.

Not sure if I can top this in the future. Great day in the Moors.

And finally, as Sunday started to wind down, I also picked up a shiny new title from a pvmp deed. Way back in the old days, this deed advances only on killing blows alone. Now as long as you tagged a player, healed a player being attacked by the opposition, or just sit in a group while your team gets the KB’s, the deed advances. I’m not complaining though. 5000 creep ‘kills’ is still something to be proud of.

A new title has been bestowed upon you! You may now be known as Lieutenant Haffleheim, The Battlemaster!

A new title has been bestowed upon you! You may now be known as Lieutenant Haffleheim, The Battlemaster!

It’s a fantastic reward to end the weekend and I’m looking forward to the next. I’ve gotten my full audacity set this weekend and can now start saving comms in case the pvmp class LI’s get implemented. Kudos to all freeps and creeps who participated this weekend, the fights were awesome. Hoping to see the Coopers out there next weekend. So with a 135k renown till Rank 11 there’s only one way to go and that’s onwards!

Have a good week gamers!