Lotro Breaking News: 2016 Level Cap Increase & New Raid

Fresh off the press is Athena “Vvyvanne” Peters’s Executive Produce Letter for Lotro focusing on 2016! I can’t believe my eyes.


Firstly, we have a level cap increase on the way to The Battle of Pelennor Fields. Well, we were beginning to wonder if this would happen. Positives are that players now have something to look forward to and progress with. Does that mean new level 105 armor and jewlries?

And secondly, to the one that matters: New instance cluster, including a 12-man raid! This is incredibly good to hear I’ll tell you that. Release the pigeons! To every corner of the world! They must be informed!

My feelings for Lotro 2016 is changing drastically.


6 responses to “Lotro Breaking News: 2016 Level Cap Increase & New Raid

    • You do have a point and that post would be very long indeed. I guess my excitement comes from being given something to believe in for the next year to keep me in game, because aside from the progressing story and friends, Lotro got kind of bland for me :/

  1. And the level cap just gets further away… I will get there…one day! LOL.

    I think its great news and I hope the 12 man is awesome so I can finally play a RAID on level and intended 🙂 (if they ever do it as noted above…grrr… turbine and there unfulfilled promises!)

    Wife’s computer has been fixed and should be back in house soon (just need a new computer table to put it on but that will not stop me loading up LOTRO (will need installing AGAIN!) and playing prostrate on the floor if needed! It has been my longest period of non LOTRO for 3/4 years…

    Although my kids are going through a superhero phase at the moment… free ios game Marvel Contest of Champions has not only captured their imagination but also myself and I may even give the MARVEL MMO a go… (I wish I could simply hand over the comic collection I have stashed at my mum’s place to them…they would flip…pity its half a world away! Or maybe I just want to reread them all again!!!

    Sorry Haffle I’m blogging on your blog again…

    • You are most welcome to blog on my blog! Haha

      Aye raising the level cap will be tricky, but now that you do have your computer back, you should be smooth sailing to the cap! Nice to hear the kids are going through the superhero phase, and do give the Marvel MMO a shot. I’ve heard plenty of good things about it when I asked on Twitter. Reminds me so much of the Diablo games

  2. Bit sad about the level cap increase here; I thought 100 was perfect. It takes so long to get there…

    Will be interesting to see how that raid will work out, now with most avid raiders having long abandoned the game. I still need to gather enough of my old kinnies to try that 6-man – we raid in SWTOR nowadays, still with the same group of people.

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