The Secret Buzz Fashion Magazine!

Fred, the creator of the Secret Buzz Magazine for The Secret World, has just unleashed issue 2! Now even if you don’t play The Secret World MMO or even heard of it, this is worth checking out simply for it’s awesome design and well, fashionistas! Every outfit featured is listed in detail, making it easier for you to look them up in game. It’s amazing how a gaming community can come together and produce something like this. Fred even ships out physical copies! Check out the magazine for free here.

The Secret World is one of a few MMOs that takes it’s in-game cosmetics seriously, offering players a ton of choice that can be purchased with in-game currency, or through events , festivals and boxes, or just by doing the content.  I’m a strong advocate of the “if you dress well, you play well”mindset!

Check out some screenshots below.




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