Lotro: Minas Tirith At Last, Impressions and Questions

After much procrastination, I have come to The White City at last with my Captain. Getting there was kind of lame however. After logging in and getting the usual “come see me at the sewers”mail from the dude who’s name I’ve forgotten, I ported back to the ranger camp outside of Osgiliath and made my way in to the culverts, running through clusters of mobs like they were furniture. I still think a milestone in there would be nice.

Behold the White City

Behold the White City

I get there, accept the quest to meet Duilin on the Pelennor fields and got automatically ported there. Okay mate, firstly, I didn’t ask for a port. At least give me the option to choose otherwise.  I would have preferred to ride through the ruined city, get out to the Causeway Forts via that secret passage you spoke of, which personally would have built the tension. Alas, such an immersion breaker.

Enter, son of Gondor

Enter, son of Gondor

No matter. I get to the fields to be greeted by the huge towering city in front of me some distance away, Minas Tirith. A couple of quests later, we get to see Faramir and how the story unfolded, from his injury to the ride back to the city. Also, having finally seen Prince Imrahil and the armor he wears, I actually think he’s pretty badass. As for the ride itself, I find it pretty amusing that I was able to cover the distance from the quest givers to the front doors of Minas Tirith in a minute on my Warsteed. No biggie, but again, it’s the little things you know?

Beyond the gates, there are hordes of en..tier 8 crafting mats that you must farm

Beyond the gates, there are hordes of en..tier 8 crafting mats that you must farm

So as far as questing goes, this is as far as I got on my play through over the weekend, and there’s still tons to do. I can’t wait to explore all the upper levels and begin picking up those quest rings from the bunch of NPCs I see hanging about.

I will say this though; I’ve been highly critical and doubtful about Turbine’s ability to produce quality in-game scores for Lotro content. I’m glad to be proven wrong in this update. Parked in Minas Tirith, the score is truly something. Refreshing and powerful, a far better piece of music compared to that crap synth mish-mash heard in Nan Curunir.

This one's for Wiga

This one’s for Wiga

Moving on, off the top of my head there was a couple of things I wanted to talk about but probably won’t elaborate too much on. Firstly, why wasn’t there an expansion this time around, especially for something as big as Minas Tirith? I certainly haven’t played through the update so I don’t know how much content was released, but surely there’s enough to fit an expansion, no? Was Turbine afraid that it wouldn’t sell? I kind of feel that this was a wasted last ditch opportunity to lure players back. Hell, some old Lotro friends didn’t even know Minas Tirith had arrived until I told them. If they’ve officially said something somewhere and I missed it, fair enough. Will we ever see another Lotro expansion, with proper marketing and rewards etc? I’m not sure if packaging the major events of this game in a questpack will have the same effect an expansion could.

Great to see a new crafting tier at last! Didn’t get a chance to give this a thorough look, but it’s good to hear that some of the tier 8 gear/armor is potent enough to give the non-craftables a run for its money. I need to dust off my tools and start hunting nodes like the good old days.

The Lotro Store got a revamp. It looks nice, but is it just me or is it still a little slow? I don’t care all that much for the contents of the store but it’s nice to see new things.

A new pet pig! Here are a few name ideas that I may have shared with some of you already. Portable Bacon. Bacon2Go. HopChops. LordofthePigs. Bacondor. Sam’sHam. IamDinner. LardoftheRings. Okay I’m having too much fun with this, I’ll stop now.

Big battles..let’s skip this.

That data center test thingy on Bullroarer – how did that go? Friends are saying that it’s a disaster, with players having trouble logging in. Though I’m pretty sure they weren’t expecting that many people on when they should’ve, after dangling a lifetime account as reward. Either way I think they need to roll out this new data server center thing ASAP. Crashes are frequent and lag is crap.

Is everyone enjoying the latest Lotro update? Would love to hear your thoughts.

6 responses to “Lotro: Minas Tirith At Last, Impressions and Questions

  1. Still way off and to be honest not bothered until I can get back with my kinnies all of which are all over the place and I can just tell the passion is fading fast from the kinchat each time I log on…(well complete lack of chat…) those server mergers drag on and for those still waiting its may be a drag too long!

    I even tried to get onto bullroarer…100tp giveaway may spark my interest and failed to even get connected…let alone get entered for lifetime. Now a giveaway is great but a giveaway which eats up a whole day only not to work with no compensation leaves a slightly bitter taste on the already impatient player that is tsu…

    Hanging in there on laurelin just getting my champ levelled to get some sturdies to grind out some armour for my hobbit … its all a grind to be honest…

    • Hi Tsu! Always great to hear from you. Saludos!

      I can emphasize with the wait, it is terribly long and I did wander off and get distracted elsewhere. I do hope your kin sticks it out for a little longer, I hope it’s around the corner.

      The Bullroarer debacle is bad and you’re right, players who sacrificed their time to try and help should be compensated. This was not the best way to handle the stress test.

      Hang in there a little longer mate, there’s a good ending after every grind and the move should happen soon. If not, nothing wrong with other hobbies! Are you still playing EVE?

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