Dear Loading Screen, It’s 2015

Not a rant, but a recent observation from the various games I currently play.

Many games these days include tips, some fancy art and lore on their loading screens to make up for that loading time. Most times, it just can’t hide the fact that it’s so darn long.

Here are some of the games I currently play that has pretty long load times – considering it’s 2015 and I’m gaming on some sweet hardware. I’d like to stress that depending on many factors (SSD, internet speet etc), these may be different for you.

Pillars of Eternity

Pillars is a great isometric RPG that I purchased recently during a Steam sale. Its got a great narrative and a nostalgic nod-back to the RPGs of old. The loading screen times however, are ridiculous. I remember slogging through the first quest (first quest!) and was hit with a loading screen that took a couple of minutes, to load pretty 2D type graphics. The wait got longer as I progressed.


Ark: Survival Evolved

As much as I love Ark, I absolutely loath the loading time, especially the first load of the day. I get it, it’s open world. It’s got so much texture, terrain and art resource to load, but taking close to five minutes is not cool. A lot of bad things can happen in five minutes, especially on Ark..


The Lord of the Rings Online

MMOs I play like Wildstar, Guild Wars 2, Neverwinter and The Secret World have one thing in common – all load up under a minute tops. So what’s the deal, Lotro? I even put you on my SSD! Surprised to see this here? Maybe you folks can pass on some advice. Granted, it’s not as bad as it used to be, prior to the introduction of pre-cache loading from the launcher. I remember the times when I would log out in GV and it took forever to log back in, DC, crash or no. It is slightly better these days, but it annoys me a tad little that newer MMO’s load faster than my favorite of them all. Maybe being an eight year old game has something to do with it.


Company of Heroes 2

Another culprit of the first load of the day syndrome. It’s fairly long and heavily dependent on your system. I can appreciate the reason though. Any given game promises to be packed with physics driven action, destructible terrain etc, but it does test your patience. Playing with friends? Then expect some varied load times, and not for the better. The multiplayer takes into consideration everyone’s system, and if there’s someone in the match that’s running on a good old PC from the dark ages of early 2000’s, you may have time to go make coffee or do multiple runs around the house.


Got any games you’re currently playing that has some incredibly long load times? Let me know!

2 responses to “Dear Loading Screen, It’s 2015

  1. Yeah, and LotRO adds insult to injury by making parts of the loading process skippable. So, this long and elaborate animation of your logo emerging out of the black screen isn’t there because you need this time to load the game, but rather because you think it is so cool I’d like to watch it every time I play?

    • Exactly! Also Never understood the need for that elaborate WB branding shoved in our faces. Not like they’ve done anything significant to enhance the game lately. Okay, that was a little bitter, but aye, it only adds to the loading time to get-in game.

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