ARK: SURVIVAL EVOLVED – Base woes, time to relocate

On my first post about Steam’s most popular dinosaur survival game, Ark, you saw our base in those screenshots. Homely, simple, strategically located, close to a water source and pretty. That’s gone. Our base location in the south part of the island has been completely transformed, from pretty river side to a blasted swamp. Take a mini tour in the video below to see what I mean.

The swamp biome came in a recent update, and at a time when most of us BVM folks were away due to RL or other games. The landscape shifted, causing our walls and foundations to be elevated, allowing smaller dinos and even other human players to trespass and pillage. Most of our prized resources such as oil and pearls are gone. Ammunition and weaponry were stolen. We’ve lost plenty of our smaller tamed dinosaurs, including our prized Saber cats and Gimli the Ankylo, who was the best at harvesting rock. And because we’re now in the middle of damn swamp land, there’s constant attacks from monstrously sized Boa snakes and Crocodiles, the likes you have seen in Lake Placid.

Ah the woes. We will need to pick ourselves up and relocate the base to higher ground. This is all part of survival out here, and while disheartened temporarily, deep down it’s one of the reasons why I keep coming back to this game. Onwards, BVM!

2 responses to “ARK: SURVIVAL EVOLVED – Base woes, time to relocate

  1. Aww, feel so sorry for your amazing base. Is kind of cool how “climate change” changes the best places to settle and so on. Hope you’ll find the energy to make a new place that’s just as cool!

    PS I’m so going to buy this game for my boyfriend’s birthday. He LOVES dinos. All because of what you wrote here.

    PS2 What’s that tall building far in the distance?

    • Hey Rav, sorry for the late reply, but thanks for the encouragement! We have managed to rebuild our base and I’m just waiting to get some free time to blog about it. Really busy at work this month.

      Anyway, have you gotten it for your boyfriend yet? It’s a real fun game and I’m sure he will like it =) Please feel free to ask any questions related to ARK – I am happy to help!

      Finally, the tall thing in the distance is one of the three Arks (Blue, Red Green). They are what you use to fight the final boss spawns. Us players use it to help us navigate early on in the game.

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