Lotro: What do I do with my Seals?

Now on Landroval after the transfers, all my currencies brought forward from the Riddermark have been combined. I am very pleased about the amount of Marks and Meds notched up! Until I saw the Seals. I have a boatload of them. But what do I spend them on? These days, Skirmish Marks and Medallions are the most sought after currencies, as players grind to get all manner of scrolls to advance their Legendary Items, either for Imbuement progress or something similar.  Seals are still being awarded for completing raid sized content, though I’ve browsed through the vendors and saw nothing of use to barter for, except for a few over-priced stuff requiring seals in addition to marks and meds. In previous updates, the Symbol of the Elder King would be at the skirm camp vendor, and players could get them using their Seals. Not quite this time however, and it’s understandable considering how ridiculously easy it is to obtain your First Age weapons currently.

Also, the current end-game gear like gold jewelry (Stars of Merit) and essence recipes (Landscape tokens) require their own currencies and a different grind altogether. So, if anyone found a use for Seals that I’ve missed, do share in the comments below.

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