Lotro: Torn Between What I Must Do and Where I Must Go

Transfers off Riddermark is only around the corner, and I am truly, truly torn. My kinship has finally spoken up to me collectively (sooner would have been nice) about wanting to move to Arkenstone, and for valid reason – one where I find myself agreeing to as well. Arkenstone as I am told, will be the unofficial Oceanic server. Considering that majority of the folks in kin play in that timezone (myself especially), it makes sense that a move to Arkenstone would be best.

But what do I do? I’ve already committed myself to Landroval – established even, with my remaining alts. It’s where I want to return to and PvMP, having met great people with shared interests that I one day hope to see again. Other Riddermark friends will also be moving to Landroval, as agreed. But I can’t just abandon my kin to Ark.

Torn. All I wanted is to have my friends and my kin on the same server, a new home on our final leg of the journey. I guess even in Lotro, sometimes you just can’t get what you want.

I see myself splitting between servers again. Captain in Landy, and perhaps the Beorning and the Minstrel on Ark with the kin. I don’t know, but I won’t have much time left to decide.



4 responses to “Lotro: Torn Between What I Must Do and Where I Must Go

  1. It sucks, but since you value both sets of friends, I think you’ll probably be stuck switching between two different servers again.
    Who knows, maybe in another year they’ll consolidate again and you’ll finally be able to have everyone together.

  2. Oh no! I feel so sorry for you. This is one of my greatest fears and the reason I would’ve preferred servers to not have choices on where to transfer to (an unpopular stance that I got laughed at a lot) – I hate breaking up communities!

    For me it ended up going well, with all my friends save one picking the same server to transfer to. Wish you all the best. :/

    • Thanks Rav, glad to hear that it’s going well on your side! And yes this is unfortunate but I take the positives. I’ve decided to move to Landroval 100%, so nothing changes I guess. Some of the kin are here with me so it’s not a total loss. Looking forward to the future.

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