The Secret World’s Orochi Stealth Tech Hoverboard Thingy

Earlier in the year, Funcom gave us TSW players a badass mount – or an illusion that you were actually riding a chopper, as its speed reflects your running/sprint speed, nothing more.


The good news is it doesn’t stop there. This morning on my Facebook feed of all places, the latest mount for The Secret World arrives: Stealth hoverboards!

I guess we can all thank the Orochi again. As far as first impressions go, I like it. But just like the chopper, it’s purely aesthetic. The only difference here would be the stealth function, which the video clearly demonstrates, you get to disappear and get out of trouble. Handy? Yes. Would I abuse it to take a clear path, avoiding mobs stealthily to make my way to the boss on a mission? Of course.

Take my money, Funcom.

I still want that magic carpet mount.

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