Ubisoft to open video game theme park in Malaysia 2020


Ubisoft announced on their official blog that there are plans to open a ‘next generation’ theme park in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, by 2020. The park will feature rides and various other attractions based on Ubisoft’s games and characters.

Off the top of my head, some of Ubisoft’s most popular games here are the Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry franchises, as well as the recent Watchdogs. Regardless of the success that Ubi’s games have had in the Malaysian market, especially the latter title, local gamers will definitely check the park out when it opens – it will be the biggest gaming attraction of it’s type in Malaysia, from a big AAA publisher/developer, considering we hardly get any gaming expos and conventions here. Ubisoft is one of a handful of publishers and developers from the West that the local gaming crowd, both casual and hardcore, knows well and follows alongside Blizzard, EA and a few others.

I’m just curious to find out why Ubi decided on Malaysia – there must be more in the rationale beyond the “second-most-visited country in Asia” point. Could this also open doors for more game publishers to explore? Time will tell.

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