Lotro: Are we there yet?


Waiting, waiting and more waiting. I hear transfers will be coming in a week or two, considering it’s already September. With so much happening at work and in the country in the last couple of weeks, once again I found it hard to make time for Lotro, but through all the travelling and late nights abroad the one thing I kept thinking about was the server transfers. I am raring to go. Without the floodgates opening however, I find it difficult to log on Riddermark with my mains and find something substantial to do. I have been levelling up my minstrel and burglar, which has been somewhat fun as I get to see old areas again. It’s nice seeing friends on and catching up. The Bingo Boffin quests are fun but they hardly take more than 30 minutes for an episode. Oh and I have decided not to pursue recording that segment. I was tipsy and lacking sleep, which hardly made for watchable content. And then there’s instances of the tier two variant, but really, I’m not ready to dive back into that 100 percent. Not on Riddermark anyways.

So I wait for Landroval,where I know I’ll be getting lost in Middle Earth all over again, especially with PvMP. It’s been months since I moved my Captain back to Ridder from Landy. He’s going to be rusty when he returns to the Moors but nothing like good old creep slaying will make him happy.

In the meantime, Ark and COH2 will be taking care of my gaming itch.


8 responses to “Lotro: Are we there yet?

  1. My kin plans on moving from Ridder to Landy, so maybe I’ll see ya over there (well, not out in the Moors). Happy moving, when the day finally comes!

  2. The waiting is quite annoying indeed. I’m almost afraid that I’ll miss the actual transfer date (which I want to do because I don’t want to lose my character names) because of being occupied with other games in the meantime.

    • I understand, a lot of my friends on closing servers feel the same way. If it helps, try logging on to your future server and create a lowbie alt just to reserve the name. When the transfers do open, simply delete that lowbie alt and you’re good to go =) Tedious, but hey at least you got your name!

      • I already did that, and only could make 4 lowbie alts out of my 11 characters… so I’m extra worried! I found a lot of them were low level though (when looking them up in-game), so I’m hoping some are inactive.

  3. Yeah the wait is draining my lust to play too… I just play around with my hobbit on Laurelin… it is waiting to be joined by my kin mates from Withywindle… Will probably consolidate all US server chars onto Landy as well, so hope to catch ya in game sometime after the transfer!

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