Haffle’s Top 15 Games – As requested by Tsuhelm

Having just done his second Libster post, Tsuhelm requested that I share 15 of my all time favorite games.

Ask and you shall receive, buddy!

Note: I’ve omitted plenty of games that may come across as ”unfair” selections due to re-curring versions that I play year on year, such as FIFA, NBA and WWE. But they’ve all been good, sucking away hours of my life!

So here are my top 15 games of all time, in randomized order.

15. Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis (JPOG)


Played on: Playstation 2

Definitely my favorite theme park builder of all time. Its got dinosaurs, all the JP themed rides and even the official John Williams score. I still load this up from time to time to satisfy my ”destroy rex pen and set it loose on visitors cravings”.

14. The Sims 3


Played on: PC

I got introduced to The Sims very early on in my gaming life, and loved it. Everybody loves to play the kreator. The Sims 3 was my most played variant out of the bunch. It has so much going for it. I still play it, still have my band’s household, living the life as musicians.

13. XCOM: EU


Played on: PC

I was a toddler when the first XCOM was released, and having learned about its legacy through the interwebs, I made it a mission to give the 2012 version a shot. What a great decision that was. It must be the only tactical turn-based shooter type game that I actually enjoyed, and the premise (UFO vs Us) hooked me right from the start. I actually recorded some mission series for Youtube a couple of years back, where I named members of my squad after my real life boy scouts patrol – my closest friends today. Hard watching them die.

12. Fahrenheit/ Indigo Prophecy


First played: Playstation 2

The first game I played where the realization that video games are taking over the movies set in. I think this game pioneered the action/text sequencing that you see in many popular games today from Telltale or other narrative driven games. Also, Theory of a Deadman soundtrack inclusion was a great choice. There’s a remastered version for the PC on Steam, check it out.

11. Dragon Age: Origins


Fist played: Xbox 360

My sister got me hooked on DA:O in my first year of college. It was easy to like this game – the story was good, the characters were fantastically written and their lines that they give off the cuff was entertaining. The replay value of DA:O is great. It’s still in my Steam library today.

10. Medal of Honor 1 & 2


First played: Playstation

Medal of Honor must have been one of the first console games I played. I already had a huge interest in WWII and this game was sort of an interactive history lesson (with Steven Spielberg), where I got to take part in some great levels such as Op Market Garden.

9. Front Mission III

Front Mission 3 [U] [SLUS-01011]-front

First played: Playstation

Turned-based mech robot game with sub-title narratives and Japanese visuals. I must have played this for 3 months straight, everyday, all day, after school. I’ll give my sister the credit for roping me in on this one. She’s all for the East. (Konami, Sony, Capcom, Square Enix)

8. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


First played: Playstation 3, and then restarted a whole new game on PC a year later

What hasn’t been said about this game already? I allowed myself to get so immersed in Skyrim, my best memories were of my mother screaming at me to get off the TV, get off the computer, finish dinner before it gets cold and to not be late (or skip) for classes. Not ashamed to admit that I abandoned my kinship and cheated on Lotro with this.

7. Syphon Filter Franchise


First played: Playstation

The Syphon Filter games were great games that emphasized its story. It felt like watching a series of James Bond movies. This is my pick for a video game that should be made into a full length movie.

6. Company of Heroes Franchise


229 hours clocked

229 hours clocked

First played: PC

My all time favorite game to raise some hell and blow stuff up with my buddies. The campaign for the first game was everything I wanted in a WWII setting. Following Op Overlord, from Omaha all the way to Carentan, with a squad of troops. In the second, Relic had built in my opinion, the best war strategy game on the market today.

5. Pokemon Yellow


First played: Gameboy

GOTTA CATCH EM ALL! Every kid in my primary shcool class had a Gameboy, and we all played Pokemon on it, on top of the Trading Card game. And if you were wondering, my favorite Pokemon is Charizard.

4. Dino Crisis


First played: Playstation

Resident Evil got all the plaudits and fans, but Dino Crisis is a hidden gem which sadly never got much of the limelight. Think survival in a Dino apocalypse setting. If Steam ever makes a remastered PC version, I’ll be making play-through series for this!

3. Command & Conquer: Red Alert


First played: PC

My very first computer game! Rocking soundtracks, B Grade cutscenes, and elements of Blow Stuff Up: strategy at its finest. I spent many elementary years tearing allied forces apart with Soviet Mammoth tanks, V2 Rockets and the ungodly Tesla Coil. SHAKE IT BABY. Oh and I developed a penchant for mimicking a Russian accent, thanks to this game.

2. The Secret World


1,034 hours on TSW


First played: PC

The second MMO I’ve ever played and a strong contender for one of the best games of all time out of the 14 listed here. Ragnar Tornquist (former game director and main writer) is a genius. He’s responsible for titles such as Dreamfall and if you know his attributes well enough, you can guess how well written TSW is. Modern day setting, secret societies and every myth and conspiracy theory comes to live within this MMO. For sheer narrative alone, this game trumps all else. I bought a lifetime sub for this game within 1 week of release, and its the only game that I’ve spent 4 months straight in BETA, doing my part to ensure this thing plays great. Anyone remember Docholiday? He got me hooked to this. No levels, no classes in this MMO, but a skill wheel system that is awesome. I actually made a guide for a build and it remains my highest watched Youtube video to-date. But most importantly, the build works =p

Many of you may not know this, but I actually started a blog for TSW which fizzled out in 2013 as I was nearing the end of my university life.

And yeah, I cheated hard on Lotro with this one. I still play TSW actively today.

A recent screenshot of my sis and I in Egpyt. Catch us in game @Talahase and @Niferum

A recent screenshot of my sis and I in Egpyt. Catch us in game @Talahase and @Niferum



My dedication to Lotro: 5,503 hours


But Lotro is hard to beat, being my first MMORPG. This blog exists because of it.

And there you have it, my top 15 of all time. Till the next post, cheerios!

6 responses to “Haffle’s Top 15 Games – As requested by Tsuhelm

  1. Wow thanks Haffle – Some mutaul loves and some new games to explore for me! Great stuff! My steam x-com refuses to work yet I refuse to uninstall cos I so much want to play it! And Front Mission I think I missed it off my own lists I even tracked down the SNES version…

  2. Wow! even though i started ‘console gaming on the GameCube and most of my video game history is nintendo-based I have to say when metal of honor came out there was nothing more that I wanted to do than play airborne. The WWII history runs deep in my family and my grandfather was actually a part of many of the battles in that game, so it meant a lot to me.
    Also I’d have to agree with the choice of skyrim but I’m not shocked. I disappeared from Lotro for 3 months and my only excuse when i got back and faced all the “where were you” ‘s all I could say was, “sorry, got an xbox, and it came with skyrim.

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