I’ve been Liebstered

Howdy folks! Thanks to Noctua of Gamers Decrypted, the Liebster Award has made its way to my humble blog. Level Up! Thanks for the nomination, what a great way to get my revamped blog rolling! Make some tea, this is going to be an interesting one! For those wondering what exactly a Liebster Award is, here’s a link. It’s a fantastic way for bloggers to discover other bloggers.


11 Random Facts About Haffle:

  1. PC gamer, but really, I’ve done all my gaming on gaming laptops for the past 5 years. The last game I played on a desktop was probably..I can’t recall.
  2. Don’t let that picture you see of me with the glasses fool you. I have 20/20 vision.
  3. I write, sing and play guitar for my band, Black ***** *******. Music is a huge part of my life.
  4. Outside of working garbs, I dress exclusively in black. Makes my shopping incredibly easy.
  5. My first ambition in life was to become a renowned paleontologist when I grew up. I was three, and had just watched Jurassic Park. And yes, it was the first bombastic word I learned as well. Way to impress my kindergarten teacher.
  6. My IG: Haffleheim AKA Haffle in short, was conceived while playing The Lord of The Rings: Battle for Middle Earth. In this strategy game, each unit battalion comes with its own randomized unit name when it earns experience and levels up. One of the senior Rohirrim units had the name Haffheim. So I added the L and its been my go-to character name for every other game ever since.
  7. I’ve never touched snow.
  8. I have arachnophobia. I’m all tough taking on Lotro spiders, but in real life..
  9. Can’t sleep without a bolster. Can’t do it.
  10. Weird, but I kind of like the smell of petrol. (Gas, for you Muricans).
  11. I have an obsession with everything WWII, which started after watching Saving Private Ryan and history classes.

Noctua’s Questions

1. What about writing do you love the most?

It would definitely be the freedom to express, that ‘get it off my chest’ feeling. Growing up in the 90s -2000s, the blogging scene was pretty big over here thanks to the emergence of LiveJournal, Blogger and MSN Livespaces. I’ve always maintained blogs here and there to write what I normally couldn’t say (Introvert). Over the years I got more creative and decided to write about things that I was passionate about, like music and gaming. I’d say the next best thing I love about writing is coming up with content that actually resonates with myself and readers – whether its news, guides or opinion pieces. Receiving feedback that tells you what you wrote mattered means a lot. It keeps me going.

2. Which is your favorite gaming console of all time?

Does PC count? Kidding. It has to be the Playstation for consoles. I received a PSX for my 10th birthday and played nothing but sports and wrestling on it for years. My sister is now the supreme overlord of console gaming in our household, ever since I made the switch to full time PC gaming, but I still occasionally fire up FIFA on her Playstation 3 every now and then.

3. Do you believe in good and evil?

I do. I’m not overly religious, but I believe the two exists in multiple forms. I’ve seen good and evil in people, societies, and most prominently in fiction. It’s a ‘life’ theme that’s been around forever and forms the main narrative for most of the stories we consume daily, especially in gaming.

4. What are your worst and best qualities?

Tough one. I think impulse buying is my worst quality. I mean, just this morning I purchased a refurbished Dell 22″ monitor online without researching if it will be compatible with my Alienware 15.  It was really cheap though. Best quality I have is that I’m highly adaptable, in a gaming sense. Drop me into any game of any genre and I’m pretty sure I’ll be ace-ing it in a short amount of time.

5. Are you an achievement, immersion or social focused played?

Before I answer this, a quick note to Noctua. What a great read this article was. It really got me thinking. Okay, thinking done. I conclude that I am a combination of all three: Achievement, Immersion and Social focused. The best case study I can use is my time on The Lord of the Rings Online. I started out a casual gamer looking for immersion in a Tolkien world, made some great friends across multiple kinships along the way, and then I got invested into PvMP and raiding for the achievement and recognition. I guess I evolved over the four years in Lotro. Today I still keep coming back to the game because of how invested I was across all three buckets.

6. What is your most beloved character of all times from a game?

Alistair, Dragon Age: Origins. Brilliantly written character. I could elaborate further, but just watch video below to see what I mean.

And remember, swooping is bad.

7. What is your favorite book?

No brainer: The Lord of The Rings Trilogy. Wouldn’t be here without it.

8. Which is your favorite fictional villain and why?

Saruman. Reminds me a lot of my grandfather.

9. DC or Marvel?

While I’m not a huge superhero fan, I’d have to go with DC simply because of the villains. They stand out prominently in my memory.

10. What about maintaining your blog do you find the most difficult?

Cliche, but finding the time to write has been incredibly difficult ever since I graduated and started work. And once I move/upgrade my site in the near future, I think I can add hosting, maintenance and payment to this list.

11. Which personality type?

Per the test in the link, I happen to be a MEDIATOR (INFP-T). Introverts ftw.

Phew, that was fun.  Alas, the award must go on, and my nominees will be posted after my set of questions for them. Better hope you don’t get picked…

My Questions

  1. How did you get into blogging?
  2. Describe yourself using a song.
  3. Favorite video game character and why.
  4. What was the first video game you played?
  5. Favorite snack while gaming?
  6. If there was one video game out there that you’d like to see made into a movie (that isn’t already a movie or in production), what would it be and why?
  7. Describe your perfect holiday.
  8. Beer, wine, liquor or alcohol free?
  9. If you could work at a game company/developer of your choice, which would it be and why?
  10. What was in your opinion, the worst video game you’ve ever played?
  11. Kindle or books?

Without further due, here are the blogs I would like to tag for the Liebster Award:

1. Tsuhelm/TsuEve

Creative, quirky, fun and entertaining with everything Lotro and Eve, Tsu’s brilliant mind will be suited for this!

2. Braxwolf – Gaming Conversations

I’ve been following Brax for some time now, and his content is always worth a read, and even better with morning coffee. His podcast, Beyond Bossfights is a must-tune-in.  Time to Lieb Brax!

3. Raebidus Roving Thoughts

Super informative with plenty of hidden nuggets that even Lotro vets can be surprised, Raebidus earns his Liebster nomination!

4. Fredelas

Brandywine Fred is a name you should know, Lotro players. Exciting to see his new blog, and in gratitude for all he has done to help the Lotro community, he earns a nomination!

Tsu, Brax, Raebidus and Fred – What should you do now? Easy – If you choose to accept, keep the awards rolling by writing down 11 random facts about yourself, answering my questions, coming up with 11 of your own and tagging bloggers of your choice for the rest of us to discover! Have fun, and till the next post, ciao.

5 responses to “I’ve been Liebstered

  1. Haf! Thanks for the nomination, and for the plugs! Since I’ve already got on Liebster post up, I’ll just go ahead and answer your questions in comment form:

    >How did you get into blogging?
    I answered this in my Liebster post from earlier this year:

    >Describe yourself using a song.
    Most folks don’t write songs that describe a life as commonplace as mine. Born in the USA? I dunno, that one seems like it could apply to a lot of people!

    >Favorite video game character and why.
    Mario. He’s so versatile.

    >What was the first video game you played?
    Possibly a variation of Pong on Atari. Or maybe one of their racing games: http://videogamecritic.com/images/2600/indy_500.png

    >Favorite snack while gaming?
    Life Cereal. Dry.

    >If there was one video game out there that you’d like to see made into a movie (that isn’t already a movie or in production), what would it be and why?
    Oh, boy. I hate to see a good game ruined by an attempt to cash in at the box office. Most of the IP I’m interested in (Tolkien, Marvel) existed in other forms (including films) prior to existing as a video game.

    >Describe your perfect holiday.
    No responsibilities and great weather/scenery

    >Beer, wine, liquor or alcohol free?
    Cider! But if I had to choose between the above, probably beer.

    >If you could work at a game company/developer of your choice, which would it be and why?
    At the moment, I’m pretty impressed with Gazillion and the way they communicate with players, make meaningful updates to their game and seem to genuinely be on top of things. These are all things that would convince me to work at a specific company, though generally speaking I wouldn’t want to work in the games industry.

    >What was in your opinion, the worst video game you’ve ever played?
    Cookie clicker

    >Kindle or books?
    Mostly books, though I have recently discovered the convenience of downloading a Kindle e-book to your phone if you forget to bring one on vacation :/

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