Lotro: No More Ost Dunhoth Vendor

coffeebreakchat I have been receiving word and have also come across this forum thread that apparently, the vendor/healer in the Ost Dunhoth instance hall has been removed post Update 16.1. I can’t validate because I am at work, but if it is true, then it’s a real shame. The inclusion of a Healer in the Osgiliath culverts are great and very welcomed, but no need to remove the OD one – players still run these instances and will more than likely need that OD Healer. On separate note, why are changes like this being excluded from the patch notes? Weird.

*Edit: Had a good chat with Brandywine Fred on Twitter (@BrandywineFred ) who brought up an excellent point on why the removal of the OD vendor was necessary. Everytime you open the OD instance to use the vendor and exit, you don’t really close the instance, leaving the mob scripts running for every AI/encounter within that instance wing. So, multiply that by say, a hundred players using the OD vendor trick at the same time, what we would get is a resource hog for instances on the server.

2 responses to “Lotro: No More Ost Dunhoth Vendor

  1. Such a pitty, I used it exactly 1 time. And not in Osgiliath, but somewhere else my bags were full. Anyway, I do understand the reason….. Still a pitty!

  2. They figured out players were using Ost Dunhoth vendor and decided they’d prefer us to use MC’s for repairs and deep-sixed the resource. It’s a shame really. If only they’d at least allow us to sell unnecessary items via the store icon like they do in RIFT. The Ost Dunhoth vendor was a convenient place to buy pots, repair and empty bags when one was out in the middle of nowhere. When something is working for the costumers their MO is to delete it. Thanks Turbine. :/

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