Lotro: May 2015 Recap


Ahoy there!

May was an incredibly busy but enjoyable month. Quick recap!

BVM Kinship Expansion

This has been going great. By the end of May, we were happy to welcome back so many of the old guard and absorb a bunch of great friends and allies of the kin into BVM on the Riddermark server.  It’s great seeing how well the members are integrating with each other, and we will need that chemistry in the coming weeks as we begin tackling instances again. Right now we aren’t openly recruiting. Things might change the closer we get to the server transfers.

Skraid 30 May

Population All Time Low

Riddermark, knock knock. Anyone home? Spent a solid fortnight so far back on Ridder and it’s great to see that a handful of old timers are still around. World chat is lit up by the same few on prime time Americas and Oceania, but really, Riddermark feels like a private server for my kinship. For hours and hours on end, all I’d see in my chat box is blue texts, which is great but it’s the damning evidence that our server is approaching its final lap. While I’m thankful our kinship has enough people on to do stuff on prime time now that we’ve rallied together with other friends and their kinships, I can’t help but feel sorry for the rest – others who are not in kinships. Hang on guys, server transfers are coming soon. Don’t give up on Lotro just yet.

Dome of Stars 30 May

Osgiliath Tier 2s & Gearing Up

Tier 1’s for Sunken Labyrinth, Ruined City and Dome of Stars difficulty-wise, is very do-able by groups of all variations, regardless of class. Gear isn’t that big of a factor too. Having said that, don’t run them wearing a bunch of 95 gear and expect the mobs to have a day off. First week back on Ridder, we did a few tier unos. Had a lot fun running kinnies through them. Last weekend, a trio of us decided to take an adventure into the Sunken Labs on t2, and holy cow it was brutal.  One things for sure; gear up, and cap those mitigations and resistance.

3-Mans 31 May

June plans

Plenty! A small family-vibe kinship deserves a guild launch (now known as gamers launch) page, so there’s that to take care of. In-game, besides gearing up the Beorning and Captain, I am now levelling a Minstrel too. Having done a lot of research on the most effective class for the new T2 stuff, Minstrels came up a lot. Funny this, but I’ve never played one to cap. And looking at the current roster for BVM, I think I ought to help out in that department. I’ve never played a pure healing class too. This will be fun. There are also plans to delve into other types of content on Youtube, or other MP3 streaming websites. More on that in a future post.

Have a good June folks.

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