Lotro: Want to sell and repair while questing in Osgiliath? Here’s how


Osgiliath dailies can be brutal, but what makes it more cumbersome is the lack of a Vendor within the ruined city to clear your bags and repair your gear. Here is a video tip on how to access a vendor quickly without having to leave Osgiliath.

A lot of players are using this trick and I thought I’d share this with you folks too. Keep in mind however that you’ll need to be a VIP or have access to the Enedwaith quest pack in order to do this. Hope this helps.

Separately, can we get a milestone in there? I’d value that more than a vendor.

10 responses to “Lotro: Want to sell and repair while questing in Osgiliath? Here’s how

  1. Very useful! What’s going on with your HUD, btw? The line at the top and the stats down the bottom right side?

    • Thanks for the comment Pointy! Aye that would be the UI plug-ins that I have installed for Lotro.

      The line at the top is called Titan Bar, and I set it to show my currencies, gear, inventory status and a whole lot more on the go. Very convenient so I don’t have to open a whole bunch of panels to absorb that information.

      The bottom right is a plug-in called Buff Bars. The sliders appear when a buff or debuff is cast on you, or is active. The sliders tell you what they are, how it affects you and once the duration is over, it disappears. Very handy for all combat situations in Lotro. You can also set it to show the four different potions when you have been debuffed!

      Links to these plugins here:
      1. Titan Bar http://www.lotrointerface.com/downloads/info692-TitanBar.html

      2. Buff Bars

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