Lotro: Surprise Party on the Riddermark


With one character transfer token remaining, I moved Hafflewrath, my Beorning on Landroval, back to the Riddermark. Some may be questioning why I would put a level capped character back on a dying server – one that I was eager to get off since mid 2014. The answer lies in a simple word: Friendship.

This has been a great weekend primarily because of players coming back to Lotro in the kinship that I lead on Riddermark. Veritas, the craziest Hunter I know, and Churgar/Babbor, the craziest Wardens (yes he plays two) I’ll ever know, have been active in kin over the last couple of months leading up to Update 16. Obe has also been around Ridder and does play on Landy occasionally. With the news of transfers coming, I sent out an email to a very good Lotro friend known as Drudge or Moops, to come back and check the game out again on Ridder with the old gang, before we collectively move to our new home Landy.

I was surprised when he replied immediately with a yes. This dude has been AWOL for over 18 months! Adding to the list of returnees are my sister Adon, and a stalwart of a healer from the RoR days, Shinju.


Never seen that many folks on in kin since 2013. Forming up to retake Pelargir!

Having rallied the band back on Saturday, I realized my flaw. I had no capped characters to join the runs. Thus, the bear is now on Ridder. Our first task was to get the 85’s to 100, and Drudgey got to cap in 16 hours. We mostly ran a ton of Libraries and School, and a bunch of six mans. We even did a six man Pelargir with the scalies, and it was fantastic that Runamuck, an old Mercenary since the kin’s foundation could join us. We got Golds and Plats and it was a first run for most of us!


The moment Drudgey hit 100. So pleased he’s back. This dude would solo Sauron with me over a couple of beers and laugh about it in Mumble/Teamspeak/Vent. Welcome back!

Sunday was all about gearing up. I’m all about my Captain on Landy, and have neglected the bear since I got to Landroval. He had no FA LIs. And Drudgey having just hit 100 had no gear and LI’s either, but we needn’t have worried. Veri and Churgar took care of that. Thanks ya’ll!

I received generous donations from Veritas and Churgar. Repaying you guys with my lovely LI names.

I received generous donations from Veritas and Churgar. Repaying you guys with my lovely LI names.

Fantastic to be running stuff and just hanging about in game with a bunch of old friends I’ve known for years now. We’re a small family, BVM. When you play alongside a bunch of people for a long period of time, you get to know everything about them. From their play-styles, to why they go AFK precisely at 3pm server time. It’s telepathic. And it’s that closeness that made me realize I would do anything for these bunch, cause they would do, and have done, the same for me. Proud to be your kin leader once again.

Sappy sentimental sentences aside, it’s really exciting with the transfers coming up. From now till the free transfers happen, I guess I’ll be splitting my time between Landy and Ridder again. Onwards!

3 responses to “Lotro: Surprise Party on the Riddermark

  1. Grats to Drudge for hitting cap so fast, that’s crazy! Glad I could join in on the reunion.

  2. Sounds great to have such a close knit group of games to play LOTRO with…Just wish I had that kinda time to spend 🙂


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