The next 24 hours..



In the next 24 hours, I could hit Rank 12 – Third Marshal. Will be bittersweet, cause I’ve been Commander for over a year, and absolutely love the title. No turning back now, I’ve officially entered the home-run phase when closing in on a rank: Little or no sleep, tons of coffee and sheer grit. It’s kill or be killed out here on Landroval’s Ettenmoors. The timing for this is impeccable. With only a few days left before Update 16 drops, I need to get PvMP out of the way to focus on PVE. I still have my LI’s to work on before imbuement, and I haven’t even completed Central Gondor quests and the epic too. I need this rank!

Highest ever Renowned earned and KB tally

Highest ever Renowned earned and KB tally

Last weekend was really, the catalyst that enabled me to get this close on the eve of Labour Day – a public holiday here in Malaysia. Last Sunday was a 24,000+ renown day, the highest I’ve ever racked up. It also smashed the record for Killing Blows, coming it at 28. Great weekend that was.


Finally, a shout out to my good friend Wiga, who has hit Rank 12 already. Third Marshal Wiga-1! Congratulations!

Congratulations Third Marshal Wiga

Congratulations Third Marshal Wiga

You know, I’ve done some researching. When I hit Rank 12, I believe I’ll be the highest ranking Malaysian Freep ever. Any fellow countrymen wishes to dispute? Get in touch!

Okay, back to the Moors. Wish me luck.



8 responses to “The next 24 hours..

  1. Is there any difference if I max my li before imbue or not? Kinda confused.

    Good luck ranking up.

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  2. Good luck. Is there any difference to level Li before Imbue? I though exp will be lost so should max my Li?

    • Hi Sam, yes its better to max out your LI (3 star lit crystals, remembrance for extra legacy slot, and all legacies at tier 6 with points allocated) before you imbue. This will ensure that once you imbue, you will use less Anfalas Empowerment Scrolls and unlock additional tiers upon imbueing.

  3. By chance I logged in near the auction house in Bree tonight and see that you had achieved your goal. /cheers

    • Thanks DJ! Appreciate the comment and would like to thank you for all your work on one of the best fansites for the Hobbit movies over the years.

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