Lotro: All You Need to Know About Legendary Item Imbuement System Compiled


With Update 16 on the horizon and the much talked about Legendary Item Imbuement system looming, I’ve compiled some of the best information on the web currently from Betas 1 and 2 for everyone’s reference, about what it is, how it works and what to do in preparation for live. Please note that all information below is from Bullroarer public test server and is subject to change, and thank you and full credit goes to the original author of the content within the Imbuement Must Know section, Dadi of Rare Breed.

Imbuement Good To Know

1. To begin the imbuement process, head to a Forge Master. The imbuement option will immediately appear to you.

2. You can imbue as many LI’s as you like but it must be level 100

3. Once an LI has been imbued, you will not be able to deconstruct it. The only way to get rid of an imbued item is to destroy the LI from your inventory

4. All legacies within an imbued LI will have an IXP progress bar (DPS and Heal Rating included). Once the bar has been completed, the legacy will proceed to the next tier for IXP progress.

5. IXP can be earned by killing mobs, or using IXP Runes

5. Legacies on imbued items will come with 20-25 unlocked tiers to progress towards, with an additional 5-15 tiers available for unlock using 35 Mithril Coins or Scroll of Empowerment level 100.

6. The age of an LI ,the tier of legacies and amount of points spent on legacies BEFORE imbuement will determine the amount of legacy tiers unlocked upon imbuement for those legacies.

7. On the imbued item panel (shift+I), players can add an extra legacy slot and swap legacies from a pool of existing class legacies, including Stat legacies, for Mithril Coins.

Valuable information on what you need to prepare and costs can be found below.

Imbuement Must Know


Assuming that you already have a maxed out FA LI (7 Tier 6 legacies, 3 Star-lit Crystals, and Scroll of Delving) and you want to max your Imbued Item on day one you are looking at:

1) Roughly 28 Anfalas Scrolls of Empowerment OR 1,092 Mithril Coins OR a combination of the two.

2) 3 Anfalas Star-lit Crystal

3) Roughly 8,700,000 in IXP runes OR a boat load of Mithril Coins OR a combination of the two.

Ok, what about not maxing it out, but getting to be comparable to my existing FA LI (7 Tier 6 legacies, 3 Star-lit Crystals, and Scroll of Delving)?

a) 7,500,000 in IXP runes OR a boat load of Mithril Coins OR a combination of the two.


It would be advisable to do the following prior to the release of U16 ;

1) Make sure that your Legendary Weapon/Item has all the legacies on it that you want; do not wait to do this after Imbuing. Doing so after will cost you 79 Mithril Coins or a Imbued Legacy Replacement Scroll (to be introduced).

2) Be sure that you have applied a Scroll of Devling (adds 10 levels). In doing so you gain an additional Tier to the soft cap on all legacies post imbuement. Essentially this saves you 1 Anfalas Scroll of Empowerment per legacy.

3) Stockpile DA Gold and DA Silver Coins (to be used to buy Anfalas Scrolls of Empowerment).

4) Stockpile Marks and Medallions (to be used to buy Anfalas Scrolls of Empowerment).

5) Stockpile IXP Runes (loot them or level/decon Legendaries to get them).

For more in-depth overviews, previews, tips and guides on the imbuement system, watch mine and other’s videos below, and check out the following posts from sites I’ve found that has the best up-to-date details from Beta 1 and Beta 2.



1. Legendary Item Imbuement system, Lotro-Wiki

2. Imbuement and You, Rare Breed

3. The New Imbuement System – Tips from Beta, Oceanic Warriors, Landroval

Final words from Haffle: The LI Imbuement System is Turbine definitely making good on its word, ensuring that players now feel that their Legendary Weapons are..well, legendary, and that they finally grow with you (my original rant on this here). This IS NOT a change to the system which forces all players to imbue their LIs. It is entirely up to the player and their choice. So have fun and good luck preparing, for those of us that can’t wait to pimp out our LI’s. Woot.

3 responses to “Lotro: All You Need to Know About Legendary Item Imbuement System Compiled

  1. If your main FA LI has tier 6 legacies, do those legacies get reset to tier 1 after you imbue it?

    • Hi Runa, thanks for the question. Good news is the tier won’t reset to one. The better news is that because its tier 6, when imbued, your progress towards the next tier will be given a significant boost. So it may look like 5/25 tiers the moment you imbue. So thats 5 free tiers complete!

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