Update 16 Beta 1 Captain Legendary Item Legacy List


Below is a list of Captain legendary item legacies in U16. The major change is the removal of legacies that affects skill /buff/tactic duration.


1. (x) represents a numerical figure.

2. List of legacies taken from in-game Imbuement System LI Panel, Beta 1.

3. Several legacies may be incorrect or incomplete at time of writing.

4. This is a work-in-progress post for personal use from Beta 1 through to Update 16 hitting the live servers.

Captain Weapon (Main Hand) Legacies

1. xx.x% Battle-Hardened Outgoing Healing Buff

2. xx.x% Melee Skills Critical Chance

3. xx% Inspire Damage

4. +xxxx Pressing Attack and Devastating Blow Critical Rating

5. % Captain Area-Effect Healing

6. % Blade of Elendil Damage

7. & Battle-Hardened Incomming ? (Incomplete information)

8. % Battle-Readied Damage Buff

9. +x.x% Battle Shout Damage

10. +x.x% Bleed Damage

11. -x.x% Cry Power Cost

12. +x.x% Cutting Attack Damage

13. +xxx Devensife Strike Armour Buff

14. +x.x% Grave Wound Damage

15. -x.x% Melee Skill Power Cost

16. +x.x% Routing Cry Damage


Captain Emblem Legacies

1. +xxx.xx Tactical Heal Rating

2. +xx.x% Light-Type Damage

3. +xx.x% Rallying Cry Healing

4. +xx% Devastating Blow And Pressing Attack Damage

5. +xx.x% Melee Skills Healing

6. +xx% Sure Strike Damage

7. -xx% Words of Courage Power/Morale Cost

8. +xx% Healing Critical Magniture

9. +x.xxx Bleed Skills Critical Rating

10. +x.x% Last Stand Heal

11. +2% Noble Mark Damage

12. +x.x% Shadows Lament Damage

13. +x.x% Shield of the Dunedain Cooldown

14. +x.x Time of Need Buff Duration

15. +x.x% Valiant Strike More Return

16. +x.x% Vocal Skills Healing

17. +x.x% Words of Courage Healing

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