Aragorn Reacts to Pelennor Fields Poll


Lately I’ve been catching up on all things Lotro, and stumbled upon this poll over at Lotro Players. Late to the party, I know – but this just blows my mind.

The Poll

The Poll

Depending on the camp you’re in, this could either be an extremely alarming or super exciting prospect.

Aragorn reacts

Aragorn reacts

While I urge you to not take the poll seriously (note to self as well) and see it for what it is: a poll, it would be personally depressing should Turbine announce in future that the climax battle at the Pelennor Fields is indeed going to be an epic battle/big battle. How anti-climatic that would be.

Instances and landscape world events trail behind closely, and the latter two holds more water when one imagines, from a player’s point of view, of how the battle should unfold. The fights should be proactive and not reactive. Besides, we have all these great classes that players have honed their skills with for many years, enduring 100 levels to gear. It would be such a waste to not contribute in the fight, and be given mundane tasks like clicking commanders, chopping hooks and cranking catapults. I want this fight to mean something. We’ve invested so much into getting to that moment. Aesthetically, the battle needs to be fun and engaging, bringing out the best in you, individually or as a group. I don’t want to strategize with my fellowship about where the best spot is to place this barricade, I want to discuss what’s the best way/skill rotation/etc to kill that cluster of Orcs. I can go on and on. Back to the poll.

The comments below the poll offers some really good suggestions, and are worth the read.

Through recent forum posts of a former Turbine QA employee, I know they don’t have the time or resources to pull this off, but here’s my dream depiction of the battle.

Multiple choice/path route

Prior to the battle at Pelennor Fields, the epic quest (several books before the battle) offers players two choices to branch out. Think Bonevales vs. Trum Dreng in the RoI expansion.

Choice 1 takes you to Minas Tirith, and you aid the city in its preparation for the siege, ultimately leading to the climatic instance/landscape battle finale.

Choice 2 allows you to follow the ride of the Rohirrim, all the way to the Fields, ultimately leading to the instance/landscape battle finale.

This gives the epics huge re playability especially with alts. Either way, once you’ve completed the instance/landscape the first time, they are unlocked and can be repeated. They can be done Solo, Duo, Trio, 6 man or raid. Difficulty scales with group size. Haven’t given much thought as to how the instance/landscape mechanics and boss fights will work, thought of this on the drive back home earlier.

Anyway, I know this will never be a possibility, and I voted for instances. Baby steps, one update at a time. I’m eager to see how Osigiliath turns out.

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