Moors Weekend Report 30 November 2014

PVMPI am the Malaysian Lotro Gamer and I am a proud associate of the Lotro Minority.

Yes, I am back indulging in the one thing that makes Lotro fun for me, PvMP. Before we begin, let me introduce you to the protagonist for this week’s report. Enter Hafflewrath.


Ladies and gentleman, Hafflewrath is a product of a week and a half of non-stop hardcore levelling. He is a new level 100 Beorning on the Landroval server, created with the sole purpose of exploring Landy’s end-game and PvMP scene, following the unfortunate graveyard transformation that has befallen my beloved Riddermark server. I have been at level cap for about a week prior to this post, and below are my first experiences of PvMP on Landroval.

Hello Landy!

Finally, I can tick something off my Lotro bucket list. After numerous failed attempts to level a toon to cap on Landroval, I made up my mind as soon as Update 15 was released – that I would roll a new Bear on Landy and race it to the bottom. I’ve also given up on the Riddermark server. PvMP is dead, my kinship is barren and end-game is a pain, and it pains me to write that. I wanted a fresh challenge, to see creeps again, take part in huge fights and most of all, have fun again in Lotro. Many old friends I have met in this new adventure, familiar faces that have taken this road before me, either re-rolling here or transferring from Riddermark.

New, Innocent, Naive

The biggest enjoyment from this experience is that I get to start afresh. No reputation (maybe a little), no existing rivalries and no expectations. I get to be a noob again, grinding for gear and leeching off the establish players, learning the Landy PvMP culture. I don’t know any of the creeps here, and I want to know them over the coming months. Sure, it’s difficult having no gold, no instance currencies and the lot to get me up to speed, but that’s part of the sacrifice I’m going to have to live with. These things can be attained again at the cost of time.

First rank!

First rank!

That Familiar Rush

I absolutely love huge battles in the Moors for its unpredictability, and because of how often the fights can swing either way. This weekend has showed me what Landy is all about. Big action, and not of the ganky kind. It’s old school. It’s Adino vs. Asuza all over again. It’s nostalgic and magical. And being part of a PvMP centric kinship that is out there most of the time is great. Would like to thank the Highguard of Numenor for taking me in, and thank my buddy Mario-1 (Yes, a Ridder expatriate) for the recommendation.

Finally some big action - it's been 8 months or so

Finally some big action – it’s been 8 months or so

Beornings in PvMP

I’m still finding my best role out there as a Beorning. Without any decent gear at the moment, it’s hard not to feel like fresh meat to creeps all the time, but so far in the Yellow line, I get the most enjoyment. I shall go into more detail about Beornings in PvMP in another post.

Reform the lines!

Reform the lines!

What about your Rank 11 Captain, Haffleheim?

Well it’s obvious where he’s heading to, ain’t it? In memory of Sapience, that day will arrive Soon.

Commander Haffleheim

6 responses to “Moors Weekend Report 30 November 2014

  1. Sorry to hear about Riddlemark, happy to hear that there is still life on LANDY, my cappy, inspired by you is still poised to exit MORIA there…maybe one day 🙂

    Am impressed by your ability to power level 🙂 SIMPLY WOW!

    Will be following 🙂

    • Sorry about it myself, but ah well, life goes on. Landy however is alive and kicking. Good, let me know when you do get out to the sunshine! At least now I’m playing regularly on server that you are on, so hey we can finally run stuff together! =)

      And thanks, power levelling is unhealthy business. I’m still recovering!

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