Lotro: Downtime, More Beorning Thoughts and a Beorning Comic


I had it all planned out at work today. The amount of TP I’ll need to purchase XP boosts, which deeds and virtues I wanted to complete first and the quickest route to 100. Alas, I come home to un-announced downtime (as of writing this post). Malaysian prime time sucks.

Moving on swiftly, I’ve had more Beorning time, and have come to the realization that the Beorning’s DPS attack skills for The Claw line in Human-form at the moment, is underwhelming. The bleeds that proc on two of its skills (Slash and Biting Edge) doesn’t scale well with level, and I find myself struggling to defeat mobs in purely Human-form, within an acceptable amount of time. I’d like the choice of switching to Bear-form when I feel its necessary and not feel like I am forced to shape-shift to win 80% of my fights. This only lends more credence to what I said in the last post about over-relying on Bear-form skills.

Hearten, the only healing skill in the Red line, is also a mixed bag. Early levels its a good self-heal and it can be casted onto other players as well as NPCs. However, once you’ve invested more points into Composure (Supposedly and upgrade from Hearten), it transforms the skill into a self heal only, doing less healing than it did before the class trait point investment. It should be noted that Composure can be ranked five levels, but at this point I’d rather stick to Hearten and invest the points elsewhere.

Minor gripes aside, the class still is beary fun to play with and definitely refreshes the Lotro experience for me. There’s still the Blue and Yellow trait lines to play with in a group setting which I am very much looking forward to.

At this stage, there are plenty of Beorning players who have passed the level 50 threshold and are providing some insightful feedback on all the skills and existing bugs, among others. Do ask your local server level-capped Beorning on their thoughts if you need more opinions. For those currently levelling a bear and are looking for information on racial traits and deeds, check out this post by the Department of Strategy (Formerly Lotro Strategy.)

Is downtime over yet?

Anyway, with all the free time I made a comic out of screenshots. Want a series? Pray for more downtime. No, don’t.

Hafflewrath Beorning Comic Ep1

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