Lotro: BVM Returns as Men


I’d like to begin this post by stating that there will be no excuses from me as to why I’ve not been blogging. But if you really must know, it’s work. As most of you already realize, I am a proud Malaysian. This year, the nation has suffered multiple demoralizing blows, and the industry I work in has been in overdrive. That consists of countless late nights and long hours that have kept me away from the game. That’s not to say I didn’t have short stints in-game. I’ve been on during the weekends, slowly chipping away at the 5 levels to 100. Things are quieter these days, and as tomorrow is Malaysia Day (public holiday), I thought I’d post this tonight. Special note to a great friend, Obeah, for reminding me that I owned a lotro blog and was hoping to see me post again. This one’s for you Obe.

Commander Haffleheim & Beyond PvMP

Welcome to Gondor, Haffle

Welcome to Gondor, Haffle

I miss the Moors.  I stopped logging in shortly after hitting rank 11, sometimes for weeks on end. Combined with crazy periods at work, I had to forget about PvMP. When Haffle did get to log in, Update 14 had arrived and brought with it new regions, content and of course, a brand new grind. It took me nearly 2 months to hit the new level cap, as I would log in, complete a couple of quests, get bored and off I went to another game on Steam. I can’t explain it. I was excited for the new content, but just didn’t have the will to quest. Five levels did somewhat feel torturous. It was just two weeks ago that I hit 100, and have since been figuring out the new Dol Amroth dailies, grinding OD for symbols and just catching up with friends. I’ve said this too many times on my blog already, but it’s good to be back. At this point, I’m still deciding if I want to sell myself to weeks of grinding armour and essences, or grinding moors gear and progress towards rank 12. Time will tell. I’d like to thank my friends in the Riddermark for helping nurture me back to strength. Literally.

Welcome Back Weekend for the Black Veil Mercenaries (BVM)

When I first started playing lotro 3+ years ago, I began the adventure with 4 of my real life best friends. We started our own kinship, the BVM, when we were all in university. By the end of 2012, most of us had trouble keeping up with the game. One, left for flight school to become a pilot. Two went overseas to study engineering and the remaining two had soldiered on in-game. By the end of 2013, it was just me by myself. My kin a shadow of its former self, and I had moved my main toons into new kinships where I fostered great friendships with amazing and friendly people. Sometimes, lotro just isn’t the same when you’re not playing with your real life buddies. I’ve been pestering the guys to come back and look at all that the game has been through since they left. And I’m glad to say they heeded the call. This past weekend, most of them patched their clients and logged in, dusted off our abandoned BVM toons and spent a good chunk of time failing skirmishes. It was a blast and I’m glad they’re back. Hope we can maintain this weekend rendezvous thing.

Back in action!

Back in action!

Lets put some faces to the names.


BVM Founders L-R: Aldref, Pinchakko, Bregraus, Haffleheim, Kevarandr

BVM Founders L-R: Aldref, Pinchakko, Bregraus, Haffleheim, Kevarandr

Till the next post, which will hopefully be soon, happy gaming to all. And to all Malaysians, enjoy your Malaysia Day holiday!

2 responses to “Lotro: BVM Returns as Men

  1. Hi nice to see some people connected to their characters in LOTRO: Great stuff, thats why we miss your posts 🙂

    But work (as I also know) is also important…

    Happy Malaysia Day 🙂

    • Thank you very much Tsu =) Your kind comments and great posts always makes me smile! I am slowly finding a good balance between work and play, and it’s great to see that the lovely community is still here. Now its time to catch up with everything!

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