Leaves of Gold by Chance Thomas for Lotro


Today it was brought to my attention that the brilliant Chance Thomas, composer of Lotro’s Mines of Moria and Riders of Rohan soundtracks, has released a full version of a Lotr/Lotro themed song. Titled ‘Leaves of Gold’, Mr. Thomas posted the track on Youtube earlier this month and you can hear it in full below.


Simply amazing. Apparently a shorter version of this track was released years ago either in game or out, but I cannot find it. If anyone has any more information, do share! I just love Chance’s ability to single out a certain passage from Tolkien’s lore and transform it into a beautiful piece of music. I truly hope that Turbine makes the right decision for the game moving forward and let Chance compose the soundtracks for future content.

On a final note, at minute 3:40 of the video, you will see a screenshot of a Warden sitting in a pond among swans. That is I, and you will find my original screenshot here, on this particular post.


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