Moors Update – Mission Accomplished


Hail friends!

Just a quick update here. I’ve done it!

Since first stepping out into the Moors, I’ve always said it to anybody who would listen, that the Freep Rank 11 title of Commander is one of the coolest titles to have and wear in game. I’ve always wanted it but doubted early on that I would ever attain it.

And now..


Thank you to everyone who has made this possible – Freeps, Creeps, the Gods of Sleep and Coffee, My Asus G53 laptop for enduring the abuse, Moors Autoflip Dev and finally my good Lotro friends in the Coop.

Major relief. So what now? More of the same until Rank 12? Perhaps. But I want to take a brief step away from PvMP to catch up on other things such as raiding. I desperately need star-lit crystals and gold. I’d also use the time to level up another PvMP prospect alt. One that can vanish. Heh. Diablo III is also on my gaming list now, I’m finding it super fun (Bought Reaper of Souls and am loving the new Crusader class as it plays just like my Captain somewhat), and finally, back to The Secret World which just released exciting new investigation mission packs.

To wrap this up, there will not be any PvMP weekend updates for the foreseeable future with U13 on the horizon. I will however still be taking my Captain out there on alternate weekends to do what Commanders usually do, leading Moors raids and keeping in touch with the new Freep community that we are trying to build on the Riddermark. Definitely no more spending 14 hours out there hunting renown. I want to keep this title forever.

Final note: Rank 11 video is in the works, you’ll enjoy it.

Enjoy the rest of the week!

6 responses to “Moors Update – Mission Accomplished

  1. Congratulations! Having just reached rank 7 on my Reaver after a few months of pretty consistent play, I can appreciate how long it must have taken you to get to 11. Enjoy the title! With ESO having just come out and update 13 on the horizon, I am also putting pvmp on hold for a bit, but maybe my mini Saurio will see you in a skraid sometime.

    • Thanks Joe! Well then congratulations on hitting Rank 7 on your Reaver! Taking a short breather is definitely a good thing. I have taken many and always found myself coming back refreshed and ready to go. Looking forward to teaming up with you in the future on Ridder!

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