Moors Weekend Report 16 March 2014



Another weekend came and went in a flash. This past weekend was eventful yet again on the Riddermark. More open field raid sized battles, tugs of war for Keeps and being hunted by warg packs. Just how I like it in the Moors. Kudos to all Creeps and Freeps that came out.

I’ve manage to best my killing blow record the previous weekend with 33 this weekend. My Captain, Haffleheim, and killing blows are like distant cousins. Before HD, I’ve always traited Hands of Healing or Lead the Charge depending on the group make up. My job was simple, survey the battle and either make it go from bad to good or good to better. Killing creeps wasn’t my priority – There were plenty of Coopers(Moors gang) that took care of that well. As long as my group’s healthy while the renown piled in, I’m happy. That’s my play style.


Plenty of Creeps in those numbers fell to my bleeds. More please, come closer!

Things have changed after HD with the new trait trees and all. Initially forced to trait Leader of Men just to stay alive, I am now starting to enjoy the yellow line much more. It still offers utility. I still heal adequately, throw bubbles around, soak up damage and dish out DPS, in the form of bleeds. Thus I cannot stress this enough. Bleeds will get Cappies plenty of killing blows these days. I make sure that every 20 seconds when Improved Cutting Attack and Grave Wound is up, I apply them back again onto the target. Warleaders, Defilers and Wargs go down really quick when you or your group repetitiously stack bleeds on top of everything else. Make it a habit, and the kills will come.


Late Sunday evening: The last line of defense. Everyone got a kick out of my pet archer’s name.

Heals vs Heals

It’s not exactly a new trend in the Moors. It’s just being abused so much right now. This weekend was an example of that, with both sides calling in more healers to the fight each time they wipe. As an exclusive Freeper, I can only speak for my side and the raid that I serve. One occasion that came to mind was an open area fight on Lugazag hill. Each time the Creeps wiped, they came back with another healer. This happened at least four times. As the only class in my raid that could throw heals (Jack, you don’t count. Warden Conviction did help but..) I struggled immensely and we weren’t killing anything. So what’s the solution to a fight like that? Yup you guessed it, call in the healing cavalry. I hope Turbine announces a new creep class called the Goblin Sapper, an arson/trap/melee or ranged class that debuffs. And make it free. That way, we might have less Defilers and War Leaders running around eh? =P

Moving Forward

Only a 100,000 or so renown until I hit rank 11. I can say that I am already compiling video footage in the form of “kill cams” and other goodies for my rank 11 movie.


2 responses to “Moors Weekend Report 16 March 2014

  1. Haffle, it’s too bad you didn’t get a chance to experience pvp in MoM and SoM.I played freepside then and healing was so much different than today…there was better balance, especially with rezzes. I hope the next update can bring back some life;D

    • I agree Cou, I’ve heard so much about the good old days. Wished I was around then. But anyways, cheers to the next update. Keeping my fingers crossed too =)

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