Returning to Landroval Weekly


Landroval will always be my definition of the community’s server. Home of the legendary podcast A Casual Stroll to Mordor, the kinship full of musical maestros The Lonely Mountain Band and the host server of the epic Weatherstock and other community events – There’s a tinge or romanticism when a player like myself from a foreign server decides to embark on a brand new journey on Landroval just to experience a bit of everything mentioned above.

I have of course, already made toons on Landroval to participate in Fellowship Walks as well as for other projects, but mid year 2013 my real life friends (band-mates) and I decided to take it up a notch. Temporarily taking a hiatus from our home server Riddermark, we would go on to create brand new toons consisting of classes we’ve never played, start a kinship and embark on a weekly basis journey all the way to Mordor, in similar fashion to the Dums and their weekly Dum Time.

We were about two months in before real life decided to hold up a huge Stop sign, and the adventures ceased indefinitely. This is nothing new for us of course, we’ve seen it happen before back in 2012, when we started a similar initiative on Riddermark after watching The Hobbit. Four Dwarves from the Lonely Mountain, classes we’ve never played, Dum style modus operandi, etc. Tragic. Those Dwarves were never seen again.


The Dwarven brothers Thiki, Belki, Pewki & Gunki. Their weekly adventures were fun but sadly, ended too soon.

As for our Landroval ladies (yes, we went for female toons.), we never logged back into them until last week. The three of us took a while to get accustomed to the new class changes and trait trees and we were shocked that our kinship we started for this project, the Bree Beauty Salon Company, had reached rank 9. Has it really been that long?


The Bree Beauty Salon Company arriving at High King’s Crossing, Evendim

After a quick skirmish to get the ladies back on their feet, we organized our quest logs and picked up the trail again from where we last left off: Evendim. Ahh good old Evendim. I think we spent more time bumming around for screenshots rather than actual questing.


Best screenshot of us three so far.

Ultimately, I’m just glad the we are finally settling down (fresh grads, new jobs) into a manageable real life routine that allows us to continue this adventure on Landroval once a week. Let’s see how long we keep this up for. 95? Perhaps not. By my own admission, when the New Class comes out, everything will be on hold as I will definitely roll it and rock it. And perhaps, I’ll get these friends of mine to roll the new class as well for another adventure somewhere..somehow.

So to my honeys Ildarien and Gleamwen, if you’re reading this, thanks for rekindling your LOTRO passion and for rejoining this particular quest. See you guys this weekend.

4 responses to “Returning to Landroval Weekly

  1. nice to have you back…if you ladies need a hand I can get My Captain Landroval cappy outta Moria for you … but seriously have fun.

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