Moors Weekend Report


Hello everyone, hope you’ve had a good week in game. I’ve been back in the Moors lately and thought I’d share some of the things that happened last weekend and this. I seem to be playing exclusively in the Ettenmoors every time I log in – the rumor that I sleep in the Moors is true. I am an addict!

Last weekend was pretty fun, there was a decent amount of creeps and freeps with plenty of fights at the usual places. The notion about Riddermark’s pvmp dying is completely false. There are plenty of fresh blood out recently that has made the Moors interesting, while some of the old veterans still do log on from time to time to contribute to the action. So what did I do? I’ve been working hard at getting all my 95 Moors gear for the Audacity, and managed to get 4 pieces last weekend. I tried some one versus ones at GTA(Good Tol Ascarnen map for creeps) which didn’t go down too well. As a Cappy in the red or blue line I seem to melt pretty darn fast to Reavers. To cap off the week, a couple of friends and I stole the relic right under creep noses.

Ninja-ed the relic!

Ninja-ed the relic!

This weekend, I logged in early on Saturday morning expecting large fights with my Moors gang but alas, it was a dry day. I was relegated to doing dailies for the renown and commendations. Sunday however was a completely different story. I spent 14 solid hours out there and the fights were amazing. The highlight of the day was fighting back to back with a fellow Riddermark pvmp veteran Warden, Jack, and the both of us held off a full craid for a good 20 minutes, taking plenty out before our own demise. Intense fun. Now I know many will point out the fact that a Warden and a yellow line Cappy is “OP”, unkillable, unbalanced, etc. But had the tables been turned on us, a creep group consisting of a good Defiler and Warleader/Reaver combination could probably do the same. And to be fair the craid did have a number of red ranks. Anyway, I’m not going to talk about balance in the Moors. Yes there are issues, but we deal.

Sunday also saw me hit my personal best renown and killing blow tally in the Moors, with a final total of 19,156 renown and 32 killing blows. Cappy bleeds, don’t underestimate it!

Not sure if I can top this in the future. Great day in the Moors.

Not sure if I can top this in the future. Great day in the Moors.

And finally, as Sunday started to wind down, I also picked up a shiny new title from a pvmp deed. Way back in the old days, this deed advances only on killing blows alone. Now as long as you tagged a player, healed a player being attacked by the opposition, or just sit in a group while your team gets the KB’s, the deed advances. I’m not complaining though. 5000 creep ‘kills’ is still something to be proud of.

A new title has been bestowed upon you! You may now be known as Lieutenant Haffleheim, The Battlemaster!

A new title has been bestowed upon you! You may now be known as Lieutenant Haffleheim, The Battlemaster!

It’s a fantastic reward to end the weekend and I’m looking forward to the next. I’ve gotten my full audacity set this weekend and can now start saving comms in case the pvmp class LI’s get implemented. Kudos to all freeps and creeps who participated this weekend, the fights were awesome. Hoping to see the Coopers out there next weekend. So with a 135k renown till Rank 11 there’s only one way to go and that’s onwards!

Have a good week gamers!

6 responses to “Moors Weekend Report

  1. Haffle you beast, lotro does not deserve 14 hrs of your day brother, lol. Since I don’t play on Ridder anymore, let me leave you with some Reaver Wisdom: watch your debuffs for bleeds, when you see 2-3, you may: 1) run away (ask Rambock how) and create some distance between you and said reaver to let the bleeds run out a, 2) a stunned reaver can’t impale, and/or 3) use a wound potion. Some, not all, reaver bleeds can be removed with potions but I can’t think of the names, test it out with someone. Grats on your recent achievements and keep us in the know!

    • Cou! Thanks for your awesome Reaver insights brotha! It worked great this past weekend, that little bit of kiting/breather to get rid of them bleeds was the catalyst to lasting battles and 1v1s. Also, thanks for the kind words – looking to see how far I can go with the Cappy out here before the ships sail west =). How goes your adventures on Landy/Brandy?

      • On Landy, I joined the Aftermath party and reached 95 on my warden. Alan has tasted landy freeps and likes it! I’m inching towards R9 (70k to go) and just reached 1200 spending 2-3 hours roaming Bear valley and occassionaly finding solo freeps that I sliced’n’diced the reaver way but mostly I got nuked by 3-5…but all worth it to reach 1200kbs…lol, my rating is hovering ~500.
        On BW, it’s lag city in RvR. Time to Kill rates are horrendous on creepside, freep raid healing is Club OP for sure.

  2. I’ve followed your site for some time, but never played in the moors until a couple months ago when I decided to try out a reaver. Been having a blast with it and I’m fairly sure I was one of the red-level creeps you were beating up on in that craid. I felt like, if I can at least charge in and disarm you, then maybe someone else can survive for longer and whittle you down. I’m just sorry that it took me so long to try MP out, because, as a whole, the people I’ve met on creepside have been very helpful and welcoming.

    • Hi Joe, thanks for your comment and for dropping by! Firstly, welcome to the Moors! I’m glad to hear you are having fun with the Reaver – I just want to lend credence to what you mentioned above. You are definitely right, PvMP for as long as I can remember on Riddermark, has always had a friendly, welcoming and helpful community on Creepside. It varies with the season and the batch of players/tribes of course. They come and go. On a separate note, whittle me down they sure did. That fight was still fun though =)

      Keep soldiering on out there and maybe I’ll see you this weekend. Cheers!

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