New Year, Same Vanity


Peoples! Happy super duper belated New Year!

Two months of interning at a PR firm has been fun, four more months to go but I can finally relax and return to Lotro on a casual-weekend basis since the assessment period is over. And I’ve been logging in once a week just to say hi to friends. This weekend I spent a chunk of time back on, and without having much time to regain the strength in my Captain’s fingers, the kin and friends threw me back into the thick of it. We did ToO F&F all the way to the end on T2 challenge mode, and we got it done on the first try. Hey we might be 95, but them raids still kicks butt big time. Many thanks to Shagor and Afaren for leading, it was a blast. And grats guys on the Steed of Many Colours! Coming out of that, I realized I was pretty close to finishing the meta-deed for the Isengard instance cluster myself, so I spent a couple of hours just finishing up deeds in the Isengard 3 mans. I’m so so close to that steed now. I think that’s going to be my resolution for 2014: Finish all the instance meta-deeds in Lotro.

So so close to the Steed of Many Colors

So so close to the Steed of Many Colours

Besides that, I had a lot of catching up to do in terms of gear. Well not really, before leaving the game in December, I had picked up some decent teal jewelry from Big Battles but I get the feeling that I’m missing some better Might + Vit + Crit Rating drops from 6 Mans. I also need the last three pieces of guilded heavy armour, but holy cow…Emerald Shards are a pain in the neck. Two full hours of farming ore in West Rohan and nine stacks of ore later…no emerald shard. And I need three.

Finally, I really need to cure my PvMP itch. I’ve let my VIP drop over the new year but I should be back out in the Moors mid February. Rank 11, I am coming for you. Have a good weekend everyone.

The Beard is back.

The Beard is back. This vanity shot was totally necessary.

4 responses to “New Year, Same Vanity

      • Everything is still unbalanced and a bit too easy but am really still enjoying LOTRO a lot…became vip for 3 months which is nice but not earth moving! Otherwise my biggest complaint is that RW is preventing me from more LOTRO’ing.
        My Cappy is nearly out of Moria on Landroval…waiting to get isenguard first and my Hunter has almost caught him up…indeed will probably overtake this weekend! Then I will get Isenguard expansion and lets see which will be enjoyed the most…

      • That’s great to here! Grats on VIP, I can already tell you’re loving the swift travels! =P. And I know, wished I had more time to game as well. Anyway, good luck with the Isenguard expansion, its one of the better ones. Quests and story is top notch, and the instance cluster was very enjoyable!

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