Keeping Up With The Haffleheims


Thought I’d drop in to let everyone know that I’m still alive. Some quick updates since the last post is in order.



Just don’t have the time to carry on with PC:CL at the moment. Things have changed drastically on my home server.


Haffleheim has been a busy bee on Riddermark. Sometime shortly after the last post, activity in my kinship dropped and I was put out. I decided to make the switch to Landroval permanent. On that very same day, I joined a pug call to a BFE T2. Since I’ve already gotten SmaugT2 done, I thought why not. The raid went smoothly and everyone was nice and encouraging. The raid leader told me to stick around for the next couple days, as they’d try and help me knockout a FlightT2 for my T2 deed locks. We got it done and soon after, I was a part of their raid alliance. So late July to mid August was all about raiding and decking myself out with gear.

The beginning of September was a difficult period, seeing kin members leave the game, or take indefinite hiatuses. I guess it was a sign that I should finally let go and move on. One of the kinships in that raid alliance was very welcoming and took me in with open arms. They are a tight knit bunch and a group of lovely individuals. Riders of the Riddermark are one of the oldest kinships on the server and I feel honored to be part of their ranks for the next expansion and beyond.

Meet the RotR Kinnies

Meet the RotR Kinnies

And then, there’s the Moors. Having gotten the raids done and all the gear I needed, there wasn’t much drive in me to keep doing it over and over again just to get challenge mode done. With Helms Deep fast approaching and feeling that I needed to progress my Captain further in other aspects of the game, I decided it was time to give PvMP another shot with my Captain. Previously, I used to solo or duo out there with a buddy and it was alright, but most days I felt like I wasn’t hitting my Captain’s potential to its fullest. A few members of the raid alliance who are good friends of mine now, also shared similar interests in PvMP and we started going out there on a daily basis, doing everything from dailies to looking for fights. It’s been a blast, and in the last month we’ve all made some astounding progress in terms of audacity, skill and just blending in to the PvMP culture.


When I started going back out there, I was in the middle of Rank 5. I am now Rank 9, and proud of it! So a big shout out to all the creeps and fellow freeps who’ve made the battles in the Moors over the past month epic. I don’t care if our group is hated, called out, or made fun of cause we’re out there having tons of fun. And as for playing my Captain in the Moors, the class truly feels alive out there now for me, in a decent sized group.



Meet the crew!

Meet the crew!

So what now till HD arrives? More of the same I suppose. I want to inch closer to Rank 10 so I can get my hands on the Captain Shield, and access to Second Age LIs as well.

Now that all the HD news is out with class dev diaries, I’ll leave my thoughts to another post. Till then, sayonara and see you creeps out in the moors.

3 responses to “Keeping Up With The Haffleheims

  1. Glad to see you are still ALIVE and maybe just as importantly enjoying LOTRO again on your home server…

    Thanks for encouraging me to start up a Captain on Landroval, it has really changed my LOTRO’ing…(I still keep my toe in on Windfola…)The class is great and Landroval much more active and social. I still carry the flame that is ‘Captain Landroval’ so if you ever want to pop over to Landy for a vacation, you are more than welcome…

    All the best mate..and lets have some fun out there šŸ™‚

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  3. in my quest for a fresh feel within LoTRO, I’ve just started a minstrel on Landroval myself – now level 15. There is a quite different feel to my home server of Gilrain – a much more active community and something always going on. I’m enjoying it, thus far šŸ™‚

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