Beach Vacation!


Hello everyone, hope you’re having a good week. I am about to hit the road for a brief summer getaway and thought I’d post a quick update on various things before I go.

Firstly, damn you technology! I have everything set up to publish episode two of Project Conquest Captain Landroval but alas, after editing the video(it is roughly 30 minutes long) it has severe issues. The sound is not in sync with the video. So I will have to re-work it when I get back. But, the written word is well and truly alive so what has Haffleheim II been up to? Well he’s mostly parked at the Lone Lands, completing Captain related deeds and gathering Rich Iron Ore to advance Metalsmith Guild reputation. I am also waiting for Tsuhelm’s Captain to catch up so we could hopefully quest around together some time in the future. I hope to get episode two out real soon.

Next, on my main server Riddermark, my Kin refuses to let me go! Ever since I came out with my Landroval plans to them, they have arose in unison to thwart me, making sure I log in on Captain Riddermark to run some instances every day since. And I must admit, I am pleased. If that is what it takes to keep them around, I am happy to spend more time with them as I once did. It’s good to see old friends falling in love with Lotro again, and to help them get through fun instances picking up seals and shinies. More fun times ahead on the Riddermark.

Finally, following the last post I was so inspired by the Dwarves, I dusted off my Dwarf Guardian Belki Blackbeard who was sitting at level 26 (long story) and decided to get him as high as I can to give myself and my kinship more options at end game. So far I’m having a blast! Expect more posts about Belki Blackbeard in future. As for the Guardian class, everything I’ve heard about slow leveling is somewhat untrue especially if you’re in Overpower and stack a ton of Might early on. Belki is now level 43 and cannot wait to return to Khazad-Dum to exact his revenge on the goblins and orcs of Moria. Khuz-Belkul!

Belki Blackbeard

And with that, I shall end this post. Time to pack and hit the road. Have a good weekend everybody!

6 responses to “Beach Vacation!

  1. I wish you a great holiday! And how nice of you Riddermark Kin that they’re not willing to let you go!
    Go Tsuhelm! I’m looking forward to seeing the adventures of the your team 🙂

  2. Should be fun…Captain Tsudyrt, has been busy almost ready to head to Lone Lands (the start of) and hope to catch up by time you get back from your hols.

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  4. Well, MG, you’ve inspired me. I’ve been thinking of creating a Captain on Landroval for a while now myself, but never got around to it until I followed the link to your video on the lotro forum. Now Captain Aeryndis is rolled and ready to start leveling today! I’m looking forward to seeing more of your adventures. Have a great vacation!

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