Reunions and Farewells



Good morning folks. 

Today is going to be emotional. Here I am at the western docks, preparing to receive an inbound ship and to say farewell to another that is leaving us indefinitely.

The inbound ship is full of old kin mates, coming back for a day to run some reunion raids/instances we’ve scheduled. I’ve missed them a lot. Friends I have made and known for a couple of years now. Over time, Lotro might have lost its appeal to some of them, who have moved on to other games. I can both understand and relate, as I get burned out too and I go to pastures a new. But I always find myself coming back to lotro. So I am glad that I will be seeing my old Mercenaries again. I want to apologize for my shortcomings as a Kin leader, but grateful that many of you stuck with the kin, and for sharing your friendships with me and the rest of the kin. Thank you for accepting the invitation, and let’s go and knock out some raids BVM style =)

The outbound ship, is CSTM. Ever since they broke out the news, it’s been sad thinking of Lotro without them. They are pillars of the lotro community and will be missed dearly. 2011 was the fateful year I discovered their podcast, and have not missed an episode ever since. Before your ship departs, Merric and Goldenstar, thank you for all that you’ve done for the community and the game. I will be tuning in to episode 200 while I run the raids with my kin. Have a great show, and do keep in touch with the community! Oh and Project Conquest Spoiler….Haffleheim has joined The Council of the Secret Fire, CSTM’s kin.) So, I will be seeing you folks around.

Oh and fun fact: When Goldenstar pronounced Haffleheim on last week’s show, she said it perfectly. I may be part of the lucky few who never got their names butchered by CSTM 😉 

Much love guys. 



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