Progress Update!

Project ConquestGood day folks!

Episode 2 of Project Conquest should be up sometime within the week, as soon as I settle some video software issues.

Meantime, here’s a quick update on Captain Landroval.

Without spoiling too much, I’ll just say I’ve met one of my main objectives =) I was looking at all three that I had in mind, but when it came down to choosing, I believe I have picked the right one. Also, he has completed a side objective, suggested by Tsuhelm. It wasn’t easy and it took two tries, but the big bad warg is dead. As of this moment, Haff is questing in the Lone Lands following Book 1 of the Epics. Episode two will cover the events that led up to that. He’s been unlocking all sorts of class/race/regional deeds along the way and I’ve been trying to complete them as much as I can early, so I won’t have to worry about them later.

Captain Landroval

I have also chosen a crafting vocation which will be covered in episode two. Oh and not to mention, Haff completed his first ever skirmish! Find out more when the video is up. Soon. Hopefully soon.




7 responses to “Progress Update!

  1. Realised it is going to be hard to catch up with you…that is not going to put me off mind! My captain will be created as soon as I wrap up this weeks TP grind…

  2. er..well RW made an impact on this weekend so little LOTRO 😦

    I still need to create my captain…by the time I do you will have finished Moria!

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  4. Tsudyrt has been created and is running after you…lv10 in Combe…now need to find a way to get around the 11 hour time difference…Argentina and Malaysia! (I’m presuming you are actually in Malaysia, I could be wrong, me, myself and I, is not Argentinian!)

    • That’s great! And yes we will have to sort out that time zone issue, I am in Malaysia that is correct! I haven’t been playing Captain Landroval as much, as I am stuck with my kin on Riddermark(the refuse to let me go). So still plenty of time to catch up!

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