The Other Haffleheim


So while the new Haffleheim happily quests away on Landroval for the project, what about Haffleheim senior and what he’s been up to on the Riddermark? I hit 85 with Haff senior around late December, but only began playing him as my main character in early March all the way till May this year, before taking a break. His exploits were recorded in a document I found on my Lotro folder. This is going to sound ridiculous by my own casual standards.

March 21st – May 2nd

Instances Ran

Sammy (Sambrog, Great Barrows) x131 Gold x3

Maze (Great Barrows) x 4

Thadur (Great Barrows) x 10

Ost Elendil (Anuminas) x 18

Glinghant (Anuminas) x 12 Gold x1

Bells of Dale x6

Stoneheight x 43

Battle for Erebor x 17

Flight to the Lonely Mountain x 8

Fires of Smaug x2

All instances were completed on Tier 2 for the seals, and the raids on Tier 1 for the First Age LI locks. I had well over 800 seals, just enough to bag both my FA weapon and cappy emblem before I stopped being a nutter. I was clearly having so much fun with my Captain in groups, I made PUG after PUG to farm seals in Sambrog, because it was both the easiest and fastest. I ran Sambrog so many times I was bound to pick up some gold pieces, which I did. 3 in fact, one I currently use and the other 2 sit in my vault because I haven’t the heart to destroy them. Good times, good times. The raids were a pain, especially Smaug which I just ran around in like a headless chicken. But they were crucial, as I managed to pick up enough gems to upgrade my Rohan Barter Rings into Goldies. At the moment, I think I’m all set for Helms Deep. A final note at the bottom of the document read “Grind seals for FA buff sticks May-July”. Well, hell no to that. I’m done.

The Lootz

1 ScreenShot00801 ScreenShot00802 ScreenShot00803 ScreenShot00804 ScreenShot00805

As for the present, I’m slowly taking him through Wildermore as said in a previous post. Once he’s done, I’m not sure if I want to grind dailies for anything to be honest. I’m not even sure if I want to take my Champ Adhrean through Wildermore. It really depends on how much fun I’m having on Landroval (or in Rift. or Neverwinter).

Time will tell. Now, I will show you how to ride your war steeds into old shabby Rohirric homes. The trick is, you don’t. I do.


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