Introducing Project Conquest: Captain Landroval

Project Conquest

Greetings folks and welcome to Project Conquest: Captain Landroval. This marks my first foray into Lotro video capture for a play through. Details below.

What is Project Conquest: Captain Landroval?

A short weekly video series capturing my adventures as a Captain on the Landroval server, on my way to completing the main objective which is to hit level cap, and become a member of an active, casual and fun kinship.


2 simple reasons.

  1. To keep me from losing interest in this game completely, I need something active to do/look forward to on a weekly basis. On my home server Riddermark, things are okay but there has been a mass exodus of players and friends from my kinship. So it does get pretty dull and lonely, and I guess I’m getting burned out about life on the Riddermark.
  2. Landroval. The server has been on my radar since 2011 when I first discovered the Lotro community. Landroval is well known for its community events and role-playing, both of which are almost non-existent on the Riddermark. Am I ditching the Riddermark, my Kinship and my characters? No. I will alternate between the two servers as I have done in the past. I feel like I have achieved everything I’ve wanted to on the Riddermark and its simply time for a new adventure in a different environment.

Why the Captain?

Captains are my current favorite class in the game. I love the style of play, being the jack of all trades in a supporting role. Decent DPS, heals and damage absorption. A great solo class overall, and a truly fun class to play in groups. Also, leveling a Captain can get boring and dull for some players, and through my video series I’m hoping to show players some tips on how to keep things interesting and fresh while leveling a Captain.

Why not just transfer your characters over to Landroval?

I have thought about that before. But I would be giving up too much. Firstly, the cost is ridiculous. Then, there’s my friends in the Riddermark. I may be playing both servers, but the former is my home and that will never change. I’m just looking for a new adventure.


I am definitely noobish when it comes to audio and video recording in game, so bear with me and do offer suggestions and feedback. In the pilot episode below, audio is soft, so do crank up the volume a little. Once again, to reiterate, the main objective of the project is to hit level 85 with my Captain, and join a kinship. Got a kinship suggestion on Landroval? Leave a comment. Readers, viewers and fellow gamers can submit side objectives for me to complete, and I will complete them to the best of my abilities in the following episode. It’s just for a bit of fun =) I am clearly bored here.

So without further ado, I present to you, Project Conquest: Captain Landroval Episode 1!


The pilot episode sees the creation of Captain Landroval himself, Haffleheim of Gondor, and documents his first few quests in Middle Earth. Natives of Landroval, feel free to add me to your friends list, I’d be happy to join you folks for group questing and content, and to make new friends in the process!

Current Progress: Level 5

32 responses to “Introducing Project Conquest: Captain Landroval

  1. Suggestion: kill Baugarch Warg in Brigand camp outside of Combe…may need a friend! (Can u solo on area level?…) Stay Undying for as long as possible…?

    Tempted to create a char on Landroval and join up with you… yeah hate the intro (am F2P so I have to replay the tutorial each time as well 😦 )

    • I do know the elite warg you speak of, and it is tough to solo on level but challenge accepted! Also curious to find out how long I can stay undying for, so thanks for the suggestions! =)

      Also, if you want to, you can join me that would be cool =) My play times are random at the moment but usually in the evenings onward (gmt+8).

    • Great suggestion, that would be insanely fun in later levels =) I really wouldn’t mind, what could be more awesome in a Captain Landroval series than having a bunch of captains just pulverize everything? 😉 The challenge here would be to find other interested players hehe.

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  3. Just read above and went oh that is a good idea…having just created Tsuhhere on Landroval, a champion…well why not I will now create a Captain 🙂

    Never played one mind….

    Any further progress made? How much do I have to catch up?

    • Go for it, Captains are crazy fun later on 😉

      And yes plenty of progress made! Its the classic case of playing too much and writing too little, but I do have enough content recorded for the next two episodes of Project Conquest lol. New EP should be up by Wednesday, if my Sony Vegas would run. Issues starting up.

      I am currently level 26, in the Lone Lands =) I’ll park him there for a couple of days, my kinship on Riddermark is seeing some activity again and I want to tap into that energy.

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  7. I have a level 85 Captain. Actually that is the only class that I have. But, I am in Vilya server. And recently the server is also quiet. Fortunately, there are still something going on in the server to make me continue playing. THis is due to the fact that I am still on a hunting pursue to get gold rare gears.
    So, your server is quiet now? Well, at least you have some idea to continue playing.
    Good luck. And happy to hear there is Malaysian players around.

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