There and Somewhat Back Again


Semester is finally over, and now comes the barrage of gaming. Throughout the semester, I didn’t really feel like logging in, I guess I was pretty burned out from farming seals 24/7. I did dip my feet into other waters; I went back to The Secret World for a bit, The Last Train To Cairo Issue was amazing, I checked out Neverwinter which I enjoyed so much, especially The Foundry, and also checked out other games like Tomb Raider, Far Cry 3 and Rift. CSTM and Lotro Reporter did keep me up to date on what’s been happening on Lotro. Not a whole lot of news concerning the Helms Deep expansion which I’m really looking forward to, bummer.

It took me roughly 2 hours to update the launcher for Updates 11 and 11.1.  When I finally got in, the new alert panel graphics caught my eye, and I gotta say its a joke. It just looks so cartoony, and at least for me, it’s distracting. I’m really hoping there’s an option to revert back to the previous one. As for the hobbit presents, the few silver presents that I have opened so far has been decent, nothing great to shout about but hey, at least it’s free right? If you want more info about Hobbit presents, Danania, Supergirl of Lorien has a Hobbit Presents: 30 Day Review post up. Check it out.

Also, good to see some old friends online. After spending LI points back into my first agers and mount, I met up with my loyal Mercenary buddy Babbor and the both of us headed into Wildemore to start our new adventure. I hadn’t looked at screenshots, hadn’t read any spoilers etc so I was genuinely excited to see what this update had to offer. Two hours into the new region and my first impressions are…tragic, tragic, tragic! People dying all over the place. It’s like George R.R Martin himself wrote U11. Storywise, excellent albeit much of the story telling revolves around the same dull and over-used quest mechanics. Besides that, I’m impressed with the new warbands in Wildermore. The difficulty has scaled somewhat higher, and I can no longer solo as much as I could with the warbands in the Eastemnet. Good sign. I haven’t gotten that far in the region, Babbs and I have just completed Forlaw. So far, I’m really liking what I’m seeing. I know there is going to be a daily grind at the end for Warband Tokens and Reputation with the Survivors, but I’m not bothered about gear just yet. Hoping to the story fleshes out well from here on.

ScreenShot00767 ScreenShot00768

And finally, some sad news this weekend. CSTM have announced they will be ending the podcast on their 200th episode. I can’t help but feel sad, I really really really love these folks and their show, which have become a routine Sunday morning tune-in for me. The amount of effort and dedication they have put into their podcast to bring the Lotro community news, events and just a good show has been tremendous over the years, and I can’t thank them enough for the endless amount of fun I have had listening to their show in the background while I’m playing the game. CSTM is hands down, Lotro’s best community blog  and podcast and has been for years. This is a huge loss to the game. So as my token of appreciation, I will be posting a tribute article or mp3 or something like that around the 200th show. Oh and Turbine take note: Thank these folks in person, and, give them in-game titles like ‘Casually Strolled To Mordor’ or something like that. =)

Alright I’m done writing. I want some gaming. Till the next post.

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