Thoughts About The Moors

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Personally, I feel that being a casual solo player out in the moors at the moment is a lose-lose situation. Recent updates have seen the Moors morph into this huge boiling pot of raid vs raid scenarios, storming keep after keep, outpost after outpost for all the buffs, then converging at a designated spot to battle it out with raid sized opponents. Once a loser is determined (losing side have players logging off due to ego/frustration issues/logging to the winning side to join the Commy/infamy/glory farm), the playground bullies then comb the map to gank lowbies and solo players, or form 1v1 circles before eventually calling it a night. This is what the new moors have turned into. A systematic grind fest at best, or at least on my server it is.

Right now for me there just isn’t enough incentive to go out there on my own or with a buddy or two. I definitely miss the old Moors.

4 responses to “Thoughts About The Moors

  1. Hey Adh,

    I agree completely. The Moors used to be my favourite place in Lotro, now you either ride around and find nothing, get ganked by raids when there is no reason for anyone to be forming raids, or spend most of the time pve ing because the buffs are so ridiculously OP. Come and join us on Rift, its pretty fun and the instanced pvp is drop in drop out and fun with a beer in hand. We are on Laethys shard, I am playing two toons, Mooples and Sugarpuss.. drop in and say hi, most nights we are on vent so say hello.


  2. I don’t think you’d find a moors veteran that would disagree with you. I can only say check out Brandywine, imo, they have the most consistent RvR so it still has all the problems you mentioned but perhaps less of it.

  3. Hi I play a hunter solo/duo and small grp on landroval server. I have noticed zergs as has always been the case for the moors. I to do not like flippers and i think that there should be at least a hr lock out to log in from either side. Putting all this aside i still run my hunter solo and have some enjoyable pvp as long as this continues i shall keep playing lotro in the moors. Adapt avoid the raid run the outskirts of the moors you might be able to find some fights 🙂

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