Dev Chat Update 10 Snippets & Opinion

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This month’s LOTRO Dev Chat on Twitter just wrapped and there were plenty of good questions asked and answered. A lot of information regarding Update 10 were given when asked. Update 10 hits Bullroarer next week according to Devs, but here are other little snippets with accompanying thoughts.

1. Wardens will now use Agility as their main stat

– Not a surprise to me; I’ve read about it somewhere on the forums previously. Initial thoughts were of doubt because of the various might+vit gear that Wardens and my own Warden, Dagenath has already acquired. But it’s going to be a scramble now for me to go fishing for Agility jewelry. I’m not so worried about armour, because Medium armour do have Agility variants anyways. Relics on my LI’s will also have to be thrown out the window however(Might ones stacked). I can see the logic to this, based on Wardens and their evasion tanking, but we’ll see how it goes. I’ll pop on Bullroarer and play around with it.

2. Dread removed from landscape defeats

– Interesting but welcome change. Mind you I don’t die a lot on the landscape (lol) but solo-ing Bugud on my Cappy occasionally gets me. Also, I tend to go AFK so much at random times that I simply just sit out there and have boars and other buggers chew me dead. Having no dread from annoying defeats like that will definitely be nice. Thanks I guess.

3. Fate potency increase and power pools standardized

– Now the Devs didn’t elaborate too much on this and it had me wondering. I don’t play toons at end game that uses Fate a whole lot, so I am not entirely sure what this change does. As for the power pools being standardized, one of the Devs did say it makes class changes in future a lot easier, and doesn’t make the difference in power pools between classes seem random. O.0? My thoughts exactly. I did see a Hunter with 6K power the other day though..

4. New/Existing/Scaled Instances receiving new loot

– Very Important change for my Kinship and I. We have been running plenty of instances for lootz(who doesn’t love lootz!??) and frankly the variations are disappointing and some of the old scaled ones are downright pathetic (DRAKESPLITTER!!?? ARE YOU FUGGING KIDDING ME TURBINE?). Running these instances are what’s keeping my kinship alive at the moment, so kudos for adding new shinies to keep the fires burning. Thank you.

5. 2nd part of instance cluster introduced

– Same sentiment as above. New content=longer interest. However, I can’t help but wonder why the hell won’t they just add the entire instance cluster into the expansion in the first place. Maybe, I just answered my own question.

6. New armour sets

– Saw this one coming. Was bound to happen. Now keep your eyes out on the difference between stats of the Hytbold raid level gear and the new ones. Let’s see how it holds up with the new instances. As for the BG sets…(insert sarcastic comment here).

7. No new Epic Book with Update 10

– A little let down with this one. But considering where we last stopped in the Epics, it’s only sensible that we continue it with either a new region or something huge that takes us away from the Eastemnet. What I can’t say for sure, but Devs have said that a huge Epic Book will be coming in Update 11. Interesting.

8. First Age LI’s and of Tarnished Symbols

– Yeap, it’s coming. Brace yourselves for a whole new grind end-gamers. Wonder if it will be called a Tarnished Symbol of the Elder King. As a result, Devs did not answer my question but have done so indirectly by saying that Tarnished Symbols of Celebrimbor can be attained via marks, meds, and seals(Skirmish Camp) after the update. This is good news for anyone at 85 who has yet to get one, so start saving your currencies and start running skirms and instances to stock up on some! You’ll need the upgrade. Having gotten 4 before the new year(lucky SOB I know), I’m decently geared on my Champ and Cappy but will still be getting a few more for alternative weapons for PVP and different builds.

And that’s about all the info of Update 10 that came out from the Dev Chat. There were plenty of other questions about cosmetics, housing, mounted combat etc and you can find the full transcript here. Cheers everyone.

One response to “Dev Chat Update 10 Snippets & Opinion

  1. Some positive developments there. The removal of dread from the landscape is a nice one, and making fate a useful stat gain for tactical classes is a definite plus too.

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