To Dress A Thane For Battle

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After long spells of rebuilding the ruined town of Hytbold and driving off the evils that has plagued the Eastemnet for far too long, Adhrean Black, Champion amongst men and leader of the Mercenaries has finally received the title of Thane. Hence, my first foray into the world of outfitting that I would like to share with you the Free Folk of Middle Earth. What does a Thane wear to battle? What does he suit up in when not in the heat of combat? With the new year comes new inspirations for myself in LOTRO, and among the new things I vowed to change was the cosmetics of my main characters. Adhrean had been using his black outfit since late 2011, and it’s about time I dressed him up in something new, befitting a Thane. So now I proudly present to you, the battle garments of Thane Adhrean! Do say something nice, I’m new to the cosmetic world =p

Thane Adhrean

“I bid you welcome to my mead hall!”

Adhrean Black is a Man Champion of Rohan. Born into a family of merchants and traders in the Riddermark, his nomadic lifestyle eventually brought him to the peaceful town of Bree where he sought out the Mercenaries. A promise of a better life; dangerous, bountiful and full of adventure convinced him that his rightful place in Middle Earth was by their side.






The main colors of Adhrean’s battle garments are black, and the shiny silver of his chain mail armor. Combination of two I feel brings out the colors of a true warrior on the battlefield, standing out easily amongst friend or foe. The large star upon his chest symbolizes a leader who leads by example, a shining hope to allies as foe upon foe falls at his feet. For head gear, he dons half-helm, half-mask. By Mercenary tradition, important members and leaders keep their faces masked in fights.


Alt Back

An alternative battle cloak can be seen above. The greyish red color represents the bloodshed of battle ahead, or a battle fought and won. Atop his destrier, Edread, Adhrean looks a mighty Thane, ready to ride out into battle, seeking to destroy all who dare cause harm in his beloved homeland.



A Mercenary he may be, but the ways of the Rohirrim he will forever keep. Forth, Eorlingas!

Head: Leather Helm of the Stoic Stag dyed black (ROI Quest Reward)

Shoulders: Fine Grey Company Wrap dyed black (Epics Vol.III quest reward)

Chest: Hauberk of Forgotten Hope dyed black (Anuminas Barter, Captain)

Hands: Blademaster’s Gauntlets dyed black (Moria Champion Armour Barter)

Legs: Leggings of the Resilient Warrior dyed black (PVMP 85 Champion Armour Barter)

Feet: Brushed Leather Boots dyed brown (Skirmish Camp, Cosmetics Barter)

Cloak/Back: Wood Wonderer’s Cloak washed (LOTRO Store)

Alternate Cloak/Back: Silky Cloak of Destruction washed (ROI quest reward)

And there you have it, Adhrean’s official garb for 2013! Liked it? Disliked it? Leave a comment! Cheers all

3 responses to “To Dress A Thane For Battle

    • Thank you! =) For my WS, I’m using the Spotted WS Cosmetic which dropped from one of the Warbands in Rohan. Same thing with the Orc Head on Pike cosmetic for the gear slot. I also bought the Bone Set from the store, which I sometimes use for the Head and Body, dyed black ( sigh sadly I had to buy the Black color pack). Alternatively, I also use Light Halter of the Wold for the head. For the Saddle, Legs and Tail, I use the Rohirrim Elite cosmetics, that came with the ROR Legendary pre-order =)

      I’m not picky about WS comsetics because of all the store restrictions etc, but I somewhat feel that if you are happy with the way your WS looks, you seem to play better. =p

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